191-Military March 6

'Mirkot! Go pull the arrow out of the wyvern that Wayne just threw at you!'
Patrick shouts at Mirko.

'Yes, sir! Mirko's squad, let's go!

With that, Mirko and his platoon run towards Wayne.

Meanwhile, the remaining two wyverns are right in front of them.

'Oh no, all hands! I don't care if it's arrows, spears, or anything else! Just knock them down!
Patrick said as he threw his spear with all his might at the wyvern on his right.

That's right, the two of them were within range of his spear.
The wyvern swooped down, grabbed the soldier by the legs, and soared up.
The grabbed soldier coughed up blood from his mouth. His internal organs must have been crushed.
The two wyverns take turns swooping down, grabbing the soldier and dropping him from the sky.
A soldier is hit by a falling wyvern and collapses. There are soldiers carrying away the wounded, countless arrows and javelins being thrown, and soldiers on the side of the ballista who are probably ready,

'Lieutenant General! Which way should we shoot?
A voice shouted.

'To the left! Let go of me!

'Yes, sir! Target! Left side wyvern! Release!
The soldier recited hurriedly, and a spear-sized arrow flew with a crisp sound and pierced the belly of the wyvern on the left side of the sky.

'Good! Soldiers, focus on the one on the right! Wylie! Van Pelt! Van Pelt, with your platoons, finish off the wyvern that just fell!
'My lord! Yes, sir!
Wylie runs, followed by Van Pelt.

Van Pelt followed. The soldiers had only a few arrows left,
'My lord! I've pulled it out!
Mirko came back, shouting loudly. Holding an iron arrow under her arm.

'All right! Take it to the ballista!
'Yes, sir!
Mirko ran to the soldier who was handling the ballista and handed it to him,

'Lieutenant! You can't! The arrow is bent and probably won't fly straight!

'What do you mean?

'It doesn't look like it, but it's obvious when you set it. '

'How far do you think you can hit it⁉︎'

'Probably 10 meters is the limit.

'Ten meters?

Patrick glanced at the other wyverns that had fallen on the ballista and thought for a moment. One of the wyverns was obviously bent, and the other hadn't stopped breathing yet.

'All hands, retreat behind the ballista!
' shouted Patrick,
'If we do that, the wyverns will just go backwards!
Mirko shouted.

'I'll take the bait...'

'That's absurd...'

'Reckless or not, if we don't do it, the damage to the troops will increase...'

'That's true, but...'

'Just get everyone out of here! I won't let any more die! Come on, you wyvern!
He said, and unleashed his killing intent on the wyvern.

The wyvern glared at Patrick a moment later.