192-Military March 7

But the target he'd been staring at was gone.

The wyvern shakes his head.

Mirko was surprised.
He'd never lost sight of Patrick before.
It had been difficult to find him, but once he was there, all he had to do was keep looking.

But now?
The killing intent just now.
I've lost sight of it since that moment. I didn't take my eyes off it!
(Why? ! How could I lose sight of you? That's absurd! Not just the wyvern, but every soldier in this place must have felt the killing intent just now. And yet, I can't see him!)
The wyvern's left wing ripped open with a cracking sound.


Patrick shouted, and Mirko checked him.
The machete sword was missing from his hand.

The wyvern lost altitude and landed on the ground, running towards Patrick.
Patrick pulled the sword from his right hip.
Wyvern swings his right wing down at Patrick, but Patrick ducks back and avoids it.
Wyvern takes a step forward, closing the distance between him and Patrick.
Patrick retreats again.
He doesn't just move back, he retreats after appearing to move forward with a killing intent.
The wyvern concentrates on Patrick's killing intent.
Little by little,

But it was getting closer.

And then,

'Now! Let go of me!

As if in response to Patrick's cry, a curved arrow flew from the ballista.

The arrow hit the base of the wyvern's right wing, and went straight through.
Patrick approaches the wyvern, splattered with blood.
He walked up behind the standing wyvern and slashed his thin legs with his sword.
Although not severed, Wyvern is no longer able to stand, and he flails around on the ground, swinging his long neck.

'Mirko. Give me your spear.'
At Patrick's words, Mirko gently threw his spear towards Patrick.
Patrick grabs the spear and throws it at the wyvern's body with all his might.
The wyvern was swinging his head, but his torso was almost still, so the spear stabbed him in the base of the neck.

The wyvern's neck stiffened for a moment, and then slowly fell to the ground. It was like a dead leaf falling.
His head fell with a thud, blood pouring out of his mouth.
His slightly trembling mouth tells you that he's still alive.

Patrick walked slowly and put his sword to the wyvern's neck, pulled it forward noiselessly, and the head fell away from the neck.