193-Military March 8

'All hands! Keep your eyes on the perimeter! They could still be coming! Wylie! Van Pelt! How's it going over there?
Patrick yells out.

At the sound of his voice, the soldiers start scurrying around in the sky.

'My lord! We've stopped breathing!
Van Pelt's voice comes back.
'We're done here too!
Wayne walks in, looking as normal as ever.
'Check the damage! Treat the wounded!'
Patrick's voice said,
'Yes, sir!
A nearby soldier saluted and ran.

'Soldiers with free hands, dismantle the wyvern!
Wayne instructed his men.


The wounded are almost finished being treated, and the dead soldiers are lined up in one place and covered with cloth.

Dozens of soldiers took turns watching the skies above, while the rest were engaged in dismantling and loading, or retrieving arrows that had been fired, each doing what they had to do.

'So, what's the damage?'
Patrick asked,
'The dead are eleven in the Second Army and two in the Eighth Army, and the wounded are fifty-eight in the Second Army and three in the Eighth Army.'
Mirko answered.
'Of the wounded, how many will not be able to continue their military service?'
'Three of them in the second army had their arms bitten off, so they won't be able to continue.'
'I see...'
Patrick mutters.
'My lord, I'm sorry to bother you at a time like this, but I need to talk to you.'

'Hmm? What is it?

'We lost sight of you after you unleashed your first kill on the wyvern. I've been watching you all day! I've had trouble finding you before, but this is the first time I've lost sight of you after watching you... maybe I'm not worthy to be your knight.''
To Mirko's frustrated expression,

'What are you talking nonsense Mirko! I've been training too. So is that thing. If you're going to get depressed when you lose sight of it, make an effort not to lose sight of it next time! I'm not sure my efforts will be rewarded if you can't lose sight that easily. And I'm sure Wylie and Van Pelt have lost sight of it too. Mirko. did I make a knight out of a guy who gets depressed easily? I thought I chose a knight that I could proudly introduce to someone as our knight and the pride of the Snakes Frontier Count.
Patrick said as he stared into Mirko's eyes,

'Lieutenant General Snakes! Divisional troops approaching from east of the city!
A soldier on alert shouted.