194-Military March 9

'The Eastern Face Army.'
Patrick mutters and Mirko responds,
'Probably,' Mirko responds.

'Raise the flag!
The soldiers raise their flags at Patrick's command.
The flag of the second army is a sword held in the leg of a flying eagle. Incidentally, the first army has a spear on the leg of a flying eagle, and the third army has a halberd on the leg of a flying eagle.
And what about the 8th army?

It is an eagle perched on a skull.

When it was first established, it was a knife on the leg of a flying eagle, but the members complained that it was different, and for some reason it became like this.

'The flag is up over there, too! shouted a soldier.
The flag of the Eastern Army is an eagle perched on a ballista. Incidentally, the eagle in the south is perched on a sword, the eagle in the west is flying with an arrow, and the eagle in the north is perched on a spear. The fact that only the west is under attack tells the history of this country.
The eastern army slowed down and stopped in front of the second and eighth armies.
A blond-haired, blue-eyed man who appeared to be in his thirties stepped forward on horseback,
'I'm Colonel Reist, commander of the 1st Division of the Eastern Face Army! Who is the commander of this army⁉︎ Why are you deployed on the street! We're in a hurry! Make way immediately!
He said solemnly,

'Lieutenant General Patrick von Snakes, commander of the 2nd and 8th! What the hell do you think you're doing? We've been attacked by five wyverns and suffered many casualties because you didn't do your job! Bow your head and apologize, you bastards!
Patrick yelled at him.

'We're after the wyverns! Get out of my way!'
'Colonel, I'm sorry! It's Lieutenant General Reaper.'
'The Reaper is just a rumor. Look! He's just an ordinary young man!
Colonel Reist is arguing with a soldier from the Eastern Front.

'We've already destroyed them!

'Don't lie to me! You don't have any weapons that can take down a wyvern!

'One ballista and my men's bows and arrows did it! I'm asking you to apologize before you speak so highly of me! Tell them you're sorry for letting the wyvern escape!

'One unit is not enough to take them down! It takes several wyverns to take out one wyvern!

'Shut up! If you doubt me, I'm dismantling it right now, so go check it out! There's enough for five wyverns! You know what will happen if it's true, right?''

'If it's true, I'll get down on my knees or something!


''I'm sorry, sir.
Leist commander who gets down on his knees .
'And? How did five wyverns end up here? Isn't that neglect of duty?''
Patrick asks Raist, sitting in his chair with an air of authority,
'No, usually there are only 10 wyverns in a group, but this time there were more than 20, and on top of that, 500 people were taken to the royal capital to support us, so we couldn't handle it.
I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

'Oh, so it was bad timing.

'It's an excuse, but it's hard to lose 500 people. In addition, there are many baronial families in the east, and we have only been able to exterminate the demons along the roads, so the rural areas have suffered a lot of damage, and we need to allocate people to deal with them, so we are on the edge.

'I see, I'll advise His Majesty as well.

'Thank you, Your Majesty. But how did you eliminate five of them with just one ballista? I'd like to ask for future reference.

''Hmm? That's...''
I listened to Patrick's explanation,

I'm sure you'll be able to understand how a thousand people can use a bow and arrow at the same time, but I don't see how you can use yourself as a decoy, and I don't see how you can use a spear and a sword to choke out a wyvern that you dropped.

The dumbfounded voice of Reist drew laughter from the soldiers of the 2nd and 8th armies.