195-men's talk

After that, the two armies divided the work of dismantling and loading, and the dead were put on wagons and sent to the royal capital first.
We camped there that day, and after making and distributing a simple meal of whole roasted orcs with teriyaki sauce and bread for the people, Patrick went to bed exhausted.


I heard a voice call out to Mirko, who was working the night watch.
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Wylie asked, 'You don't look well, what's wrong?
Wylie asked,

'No, I lost sight of the lord during the battle with the wyverns today...'
He said,

'Isn't it common to lose your lord?
Van Pelt said,

'No, I've had trouble finding him, but I've never lost him since I found him. But now that I've lost it, I feel unworthy of being a knight of the manor.

'If Mirko-dono is unworthy, aren't we even more unworthy? It's not uncommon for us to lose track of someone we're supposed to be next to...''
Wylie muttered with a wry smile.

'You two have the strength, don't you? My arms can't reach them, and all I can do is assist the lord and keep track of his position.

'Mirko-dono, you understand what the lord is thinking better than we do, don't you?'
Van Pelt asks.

'Well, I've known him since he was a sergeant, so I know what he's thinking...'

'Isn't that exactly what you want?


'We are the hands and feet of the lord, and Mirko-dono is the brain. Isn't that enough? Although you're still young, you have a much more brilliant mind than us and abilities that seem to have been given to you by the heavens. If it were a real battle against a man, you would probably be unbeatable. But that's not the case in a head-to-head fight. That's what we're here for, and Mirko-dono is the only one who can tell us what the lord would do if something were to happen to him in his absence.

'Hmm. Mirko-dono's power will come into play then. I have no doubt that we will follow Mirko-dono's orders at that time.

'Thank you both. I lost sight of you and lost confidence but I'm still confident in you. I'll contribute what I can.'

'So, the soldier told me about the Lady after we went to choke out the fallen wyvern, how was the Lady from Mirko-dono's side?

'That's right, it was horrible. Did you feel the killing?

'Yes, of course.

'That was awesome too.

'After that, the lord disappeared, and the wyvern's wings suddenly split open. The wings of the wyvern in the sky! A soldier later picked up a machete sword, so he must have thrown it at him.
We were talking about this,

'Can you tell me more about that?
The person who appeared was Colonel Reist, the commander of the 1st Division of the Eastern Front Army.

'Oh, Colonel Reist, did you have trouble sleeping?

'Yeah, I've been thinking about killing five wyverns with a single ballista ever since I heard about it, and I even heard how to do it in person from the Lieutenant General, but I still can't believe it. I've been imagining it in my head for a long time, but I just couldn't picture it. I'd like to hear about the personality of Lieutenant General Snakes, who is rumored to be the God of Death. I've only heard rumors in the east, but I'm curious to know how true they are.

'Then, please start from the beginning and explain the lieutenant general's diabolical nature.'
Mirko replied with a slight smile.

And so the conversation between the four men continued for about two hours.