The next day, two armies and eight armies of the Eastern Front departed for the Eastern Front's fort.
But the scene was a little strange.

Normally, a commander is supposed to be in the middle of his army's line, though it depends on the situation.
But for some reason, Colonel Reist was running beside Patrick, not in the middle of the Eastern Front.

With his own legs!
Let's go back in time a bit.

'So, we're leaving for the east fort for now, Colonel Reist.
Patrick looks at Colonel Reist.

'Yes? What is it?
Colonel Reist replied, but..,

'I've received your apology for my outburst yesterday, but you know I can't show the rest of the troops what I'm capable of without blame, right?
He said,

'Yes, sir...'
Colonel Reist replied with an air of mystery.

'Well, I don't want to make it a prize or a punishment, but since I can't do without anything, I think I'll let you go back to the drawing board once in a while.

'What do you mean, back to the drawing board?

'I want you to run with the infantry to the fort!


'Well, I'll run with you!

And so, Colonel Reist, who was running at the front at first out of sheer determination, but who was not accustomed to running because he was always riding a horse, gradually dropped down, and now Colonel Reist is desperately running beside Patrick in the center.
No, this expression is not correct. Patrick has come down to the center in line with Reist.

Incidentally, it is the 8th Army that is running in the lead group, followed by the 2nd Army. The infantrymen of the eastern flank troops, who had dropped out a few hours ago, were probably walking far behind with the slow-moving wagons full of baggage.

'Hey! We're slowing down! If you're going to order your infantry around like that, you need to set an example!'
Patrick urged,

'No, ha, ha, ha, there are no infantrymen around to show you an example, ha, ha,' he replied in a breathless voice.
Colonel Reist replied in a breathless voice.

'There are infantrymen from the second army! It's the same Royal Army!

'No, that's right, but hahahaha'.

'Look around! Everyone in the second army seems to be fine.'

'Yes, indeed.

'We're going slower than our usual training.'

'This is it?
To Colonel Reist's surprise,

'Colonel Reist, normally we go faster than this, and we don't have a goal to aim for! In the worst cases, they make you run until the next afternoon, so it's better that you know the goal of the fort for now.
A nearby soldier laughs and says breathlessly.

'Are you running with us, Lieutenant General?
Colonel Reist asks the soldier who spoke to him,

'The lieutenant general always runs at the head of the line, sir, and sometimes he goes to the back and comes back to give us a shove, so he runs more than we do.
The soldier replied.
Colonel Reist looked at Patrick.
'Do you have any animal blood in you, Lieutenant General Snakes? He replied,

Colonel Reist looked at Patrick and said, 'I don't think so.
He replied,
'Are you a monster?
Colonel Reist said something unnecessary.

'Oh, that pisses me off! Speed it up! If you're late, I'll make you run around the fort even after we get there!

He said this to Patrick who sped up to the front,

'That's not fair...'
But there was no way he could catch up with him.

After arriving at the fort, Colonel Reist was forced to run endlessly until the infantry and wagon troops of the Eastern Front who had dropped out arrived.