197-be unexpectedly admired

Patrick arrives at the fort and is met by Major General Frito-Lay, the commander of the fort.

'I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, Lieutenant General Snakes.
He must have heard the report from his men, and bowed deeply.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
Patrick said to Major General Frito-Lay.

'That's very kind of you to say.
The conversation proceeds amicably.


Colton arrived at the fort following the Eastern Front troops who had dropped out on the run to the fort, and was chatting with his fellow troops from the 8th Army, who must have heard Wyvern's story when they passed the wagon train returning to the capital on the way,

I'm sure he heard about the wyverns when he passed the wagons returning to King's Landing.
The wagon commander, Hontas, was told by Wayne to go to work immediately.
Colton said,
'Commander Simon, how is Lieutenant General Snakes?
Colton asks,
'He looks as usual, but we've had a lot of casualties this time.

'I'm a little worried about him, since he's often so worried about the damage to his own people.

'Yeah, I'll keep an eye on him.

'Thank you, I'll go help him with the loading.
And with that, he saluted and left.

At the same time, Patrick was touring the East Fort for the first time.
The baristas lined up in a row are a magnificent sight.
'What's the endgame?
I asked,
He replied, 'It's a mobile ballista.
He replied.

'What if you fall into a place where the mobile ballista cart cannot enter?

'Just use a bow and arrow.

'So you won't stab it with a spear?

'Because it's dangerous to get too close.

'Wouldn't it be possible to make a very long spear?

'What is a long spear?

'Do you have a pen and paper?

'If we make a very long spear and assemble it, even if a wyvern falls in the forest, we can easily connect it locally and finish it off in enough time.
Patrick explained with a diagram, and the Major General said,

'This is great! This connection! You're connecting them by spinning them around! This will work!
He was very excited.

This was the birth of the world's first bolt and nut prototype.

After spending the night at the fort and resting, the 2nd and 8th armies left the fort to return to the capital.

I promised Major General Frito-Lay that I would make a prototype of the long spear and send it to him, so I will consult with the blacksmith as soon as I return.

Since the demons had been eradicated on the way, there were no problems on the way back to the capital, and we returned to the capital as soon as possible.