Now, as for the conversation on the way back to King's Landing..,

'All right! Wayne! I'm bored, so I'm going to hunt Patrick.
Patrick was fed up with the boredom on the way back,
'No, I don't understand what you're saying?

'So, since you're bored, Patrick, I'll hunt...'

'No, so why are you hunting Patrick if you're not busy? And you're hiding, not moving anyway, right? Then isn't it still boredom?'

'Ah, then I'll be the one hunting.

'No, you can't do that, because people will get hurt.

'Eh~, why would anyone get hurt? I'm bored.

'When you suddenly appear, the surprised soldiers will jump back, right? It's okay if you fall down, but if it's a cliff, it's dangerous, you could twist your ankle, and I want to go home as soon as possible!

'You're kidding me!

'No, and you'd better get home and start getting ready, or you won't make it in time.

'Hmm? What's that?

'Your wedding!

Yes, it was already a few months away.
After returning to the capital, Patrick was busy with the preparations.
All kinds of liquor were brought in from the estate, and the house was being rebuilt at a rapid pace.

Then, the day before the ceremony was to be held tomorrow, after all the preparations were completed, he had Mirko and Amelia, his maid of honor, go back to the room of Thornalis in the royal castle to talk with him.

'Your Highness, Sonalis, or shall I call you Sona now?
Patrick starts to say.

'Yes! Sir Patrick, would you like me to change mine?'
Sonalith nods vigorously.

'Yes, you should. I don't have a husband, Patrick, or Pat, or... or... or Jin...'
He looked at Sonaris closely as he spoke,

He held his mouth in surprise,

'Did you think I didn't notice?

'I was going to keep my mouth shut and start enjoying my new love affair with Jin... what was wrong with me? How did you find out?

'Well, first of all, a reincarnated person, from the way you dress. You can't wear a sailor suit or a bishoujo-sentai outfit, it's too obvious.'

'Because I wanted to wear them.

'Well, if you want to get into details, you could say dropkick, or say the image of the Grim Reaper is a skull.'

'What? The image of the Grim Reaper is a skull, right?

'No, the Grim Reaper in this world is said to be a bone dragon!

'Oh, I didn't know that.

'The next time I thought it was you was when you took my measurements to make my clothes and stuff, right?

'Did you make any mistakes back then?

'You were sniffing my neck, behind my ears, under my arms. You've been sniffing there for a long time!'


'Well, now that you've noticed me, are you sure you want to get back together with me?  Theresa?

Thornalis, who was called Teresa, hugged Patrick.

'Yes! When you died defending me, I decided I would never love anyone again. That man who shot you, my dad caught him and I shot him dead. After that, I went to Japan, where you grew up, and became quite popular as a white cosplayer! There were a lot of people who came on to me, but I rejected them all and just had fun cosplaying, but after 4 years I got sick. Well, I guess I had no choice. And just when I thought she was dead, a strange goddess appeared and said. "Do you want to see me?" And she said.


' 'Yes,' I said immediately. I said I'd see you if I could and I'd do anything to see you! Then he asked me to go to another world and change my fashion! Of course I said yes with two words!

'God...I haven't met him...'

'You haven't?

'Yeah, I mean, I didn't even remember Jin until I turned fifteen.'

'I see...'

'Well, that's good, then you'll be living with me again, right?

'Of course! I'll give birth to your child in this life!

'My child... will I be able to be a parent? I've never known the love of a parent...'

'Don't worry. As long as you show the same love you showed me to my child!

'Hmm, I can do that.'


'Well, it's nice to meet you again. Oh, what do you want me to call you?

'It's weird to call you Jin here, so why don't we just use your world names? Sona and Pat.'

'Yeah, I guess so. You've been reborn.'


With that, Teresa, or Sonalice, turns her face upward and closes her eyes.

Patrick pressed his lips together softly.