200-another dimension 2

The man who was looking at the crystal put his hand on it, mumbling.

'Didn't I just do something?
Suddenly, a woman called out to him from behind.


'Didn't you release your power into the crystal?

'Oh, you mean that.

'What did you do to it?

'No, just a little disease resistance enhancement for my favorite.

'Your favorite is the boy you were talking about before, right? Is he going to get sick?'

'Yeah, I wanted to congratulate him for getting married, and also because he's about to get ureteral stones. It hurts like hell.

'Oh, so you're getting married already, that's fast. What kind of girl are you marrying?

'A girl who looks like a reincarnated person.


'That's strange, isn't it?

'No matter how strange it is, the god of the underworld isn't moving, right? If that's the case, who seemed to have the ability to reincarnate recently?

'Judging from the amount of power they've been accumulating lately, I'd say the god of love, the god of clothing, and the god of jealousy.

'Those three idiot goddesses!

'Yeah, those girls would do it, wouldn't they?

'Please do some research! I have to report this to the God of Creation!

'Wait a minute.'
He touched the crystal and said,

'Oh, I get it! It's a piece of clothing!
He shouted,

'Those big, little tits! Just because you have big tits, you always look so big! I'm going to report you to the God of Creation!
The goddess runs off.

'While you're at it, make your wife more resistant to disease. She's always telling on the Creator. She told on me the other day, and the Creator pulled out my arm. It'll go away soon, but it hurts.


'Whoa! At last! Finally, a man who meets our requirements! For the first time in the history of this world! It's been a long time! All right, let's give him the power he deserves! Boom! Yes! Perfect! I'll just genetically engineer it so that her descendants will inherit the power too! Then we'll do a little bit of that before they find out! And okay good job me!


'Oh, she's getting married. I've been watching over her for so long! It's all because of the kid he dragged into this world! I'll definitely harass him!


□□God's 'Oh, I didn't know this kind of thing existed. Then we should bless him. I'll send down a blessing. Just a little. That's it. May you be blessed.

For the gods' own reasons, the wheels of human destiny are set in motion.
Is it happiness or misfortune for those people?