201-Wayne gets angry.

Patrick riding in a carriage.
Thorinaris is riding next to him, arm in arm, looking happy.
Patrick reminisces about the party as we chat.

The wedding party went off without a hitch, but Baron Hippo bowed deeply to me,
The wedding party went off without a hitch, but Baron Hippo bowed deeply to me and said, 'Count Snakes, I'll never disobey you again, so could you please let me distribute some alcohol?

I said I'd think about it, but did he like our liquor that much? I said I'd think about it.

So now we are moving to our house, which is the venue for the after party of the wedding, which is also the completion of our house.
There was a line of carriages leading from the royal castle, and a tremendous number of guards.
When the first carriage arrives at the gate, Van Pelt gets out of the carriage and has the gate opened.

Well, I was in the second carriage, so I followed him in and greeted the people who had come to the party in front of the house.
Well, even during the renovation, I got a lot of comments from people who had never seen the house before,

'What's this?

I'm not surprised. It's a mansion!

The original mansion was built up in a fan shape around the center, and when seen from above, it looks like the three fans of the hazard symbol have become four. Each building has a taller wing where soldiers are stationed to keep watch. The building itself was made in the image of Leeds Castle on Earth.

'This isn't a mansion, it's a castle.

Wayne is talking about the details, but ignore him, ignore him!

Needless to say, as usual, I gave Pichan a lot of attention.

Well, there were many families who were close to us and those who had seen us more than once knew us well enough, so there was no problem.

As for Pichan!

When everyone entered the entrance hall, Pichan appeared smoothly!
Everyone was in a tizzy, but he must have seen her before, right?

'Hey, Pat?'
Wayne asks in a quiet voice.


'That thing flying over there... what is it?
Wayne's gaze is met by two creatures about two meters tall.

'Hmm? Oh! You mean Pu and Pei?'

'I don't know what a Poo and a Pae is, but that's probably what it is.'

'It's just a wyvern, okay?

'You idiot!  It's just a wyvern. No, it's not! Look around you! Almost everyone is frozen! It's better if they're just frozen! Some of them are falling down! You should've explained first!

'I'm sorry, I forgot.

How could I forget? How could a wyvern be in the house? That's impossible!

'Hmm? Wayne, do you remember what my skill is?

'Not much of a presence.

'And what else?

'Training to be an a**h*le!

'I don't understand, what else?


'That doesn't sound very convincing either, but what else?

'Hmm? Is there more?

'You forgot about Pichan, didn't you?

'Ah! The Demon Master!

'That. Didn't you see the wyverns we defeated during the military march the other day?

'Yeah, those five...'

'The guys who were dismantling them found two eggs in the wyvern's stomach.

'Wait a minute, you don't think...'

'Actually, I brought them back to eat. But then Pichan took them and kept them warm.'

'She took it, you said...'

'Because when I tried to crack the egg, he came at me with great speed and took it away in a flash. He didn't even have hands, but he used his body so dexterously.'

'And it hatched...'

'Yeah, in ten days.

'Isn't that fast?

'I think so too. And just before they hatched, Pichan called me. When I was looking at it, its shell cracked open and it came out from inside. He thought I was the parent when he first saw me, and he took a liking to me.

'I'm getting a headache...'

'I fed it and it got bigger and bigger. Now it's just like you.'

'Yeah, I understand why. But you know what? Now that everyone's come to their senses and started screaming, what are you going to do about it?

'Well, what do I do?'

'I don't know!