202-the first part of mankind

. confused people in the entrance hall ,
'That wyvern is my messenger beast! It won't attack you! It's safe!
Some of the nobles were quite angry with Patrick for walking around shouting.

'You should have explained that first!
They were right to be angry.

After that, we moved to the venue and served drinks and dishes from the Snakes Frontier Count, which were well received by all except Wyvern.
The new dish, "Karaage," was especially popular.

A nobleman was returning from a carriage ride,
'No wonder they call me the Grim Reaper, the snakes alone are terrifying, and now there are two wyverns, I don't even want to fight them.
And the woman, his wife, said,
The woman, his wife, asks, 'Did you want to defy him?
The woman, his wife, asks back.

'No, I have no such intentions, but thanks to the merchants on their way to the Snakes Frontier Count's territory staying at our inn, tax revenue has increased and the town has been enriched.
'The number of demons is also decreasing.
'Or rather, they're almost gone. The streets are safe because the Snakes' soldiers are taking care of them, and there are no vacancies in our army, so there are many good things.

'It's said that the western roads don't need guards. It looks like they do, though.

'It's good that young adventurers don't have to die.
And with that, he leaves.

The next day, DeCourse came to the house of the Snakes.
He said he had something confidential to discuss.

'My lord, Mr. DeCourse Canaan is here to see you.
Astria tells Patrick.

'Hmm? Did we have an appointment?


'Well, that's all right, brother Decourse can come in any time, let him through.

'Yes, sir.'
Astria left the room and brought DeCourse with her.

'I'm sorry to bother you, Pat.
DeCourse looked apologetic,

'No, it's fine, so? What's going on?

'No, no, don't be surprised to hear it.'


'I'm a wizard now!


'No, that's why I'm a wizard.

'What's wrong with your ears today? I thought I heard you say you became a wizard.

'That's why I said that!

'Brother Decourse, can I recommend a good doctor? I'm tired.'

'No, no, it's true!

'Brother Decourse, the human race can't use magic. Only elves, dwarves and dark elves can use magic. You don't have any of that blood in the Canaan family, do you?''

'Yes, but I could use it!

'Huh... if you're so sure, let's go to Pichan's playground for a bit and let him show you.'

'Yeah, sure.'
I left my seat and we moved to the newly built main hall for Pichan and the others.
Since all three animals are in the entrance hall now, the hall is empty.

'Well, try to cast a spell on that lump of straw.
Patrick said, and Decourse nodded,

'Then... fireball from my palm! Fireball!
He thrust his right hand forward. Then a fireball the size of a softball shot out from his open palm.

The straw caught fire and began to burn.

The straw caught fire and started to burn.

Decourse turned his head toward Patrick.

'It's real...'
Patrick's face tensed as he saw something he couldn't believe.

'I told you, I told you!

'Just tell me what happened!

'Don't you have to put out the fire first?'

'Oh! I forgot!'
Patrick hurriedly poured water on the straw.

'No, Miss Clarice came over the other day to celebrate my birthday.

'I don't want to hear about it!

'No, this is important. When I was a child, the dwarves told me to do a certain spell on my birthday.'

'A spell?

'You're a half-dwarf, aren't you, Miss Clarisse? It seems that she grew up with her mother telling her to say a spell every year on her birthday. She's going to say the spell to make sure it works.

'What does it mean to be sure?'

'To see if I can use magic.'

'Well, I didn't think...'

'Yeah, I joked about it in the shower after Miss Clarice left. The words you taught me.'

'What did you say?'

Decourse moved his right hand in front of his face and held up his index finger,
'Light a small flame in my index finger,' he said.
He said,


A small flame, like a candle, appears on Decourse's index finger.
'Yes! And then, getting carried away, shoot it from my palm! Fireball! I stuck out my palm and said 'Fireball' and it came out. It disappeared immediately in the shower, but I was surprised.

'That's right! Who knows about this?

'It's still just you and me. I came here to talk to you first!

'Let's gather our elf and dwarf wizards and see what we can find out.

Patrick was there, unusually excited.