203-the first and second parts of mankind

Patrick called Astria and had her gather everyone in the house who could use magic in the hall.
Of course, Sona is there as well.

Currently, there are quite a few people working at House Snakes in King's Landing.
There are a few elves who were introduced by Astria, and a number of dwarves who were hired as stable hands, guards, and house keepers.
Of those, only three could use magic.

'Astria can use wind magic, right?
Patrick asked Astria,

'Yes, I can speed up my arrows and slightly control their direction.

'What percentage of elves can use magic?

'Well, I'd say about 20 to 30 percent. There are those who can use wind magic, those who can use water magic, and those who can use light magic, but it depends on the family.

I see. Then, what about dwarves?

'About the same. Some families have fire magic, some have earth magic. By the way, I use earth magic to repair the walls of my house.
'I'm using fire magic to forge.

'Three, can I see you for a moment?

' said Astria, firing an arrow at great speed and bending its trajectory in the process. The dwarves were also shown a fireball and an earth needle, both of which caused needles to appear on the ground.
'Hmm, so elves and dwarves can activate spells just by their names.
'Yes, you will need the preamble until you learn it, but once you do, you won't need it.

'Well, brother Decourse, try it.'

'''' What? ''''
The voices of the four men came together.

'My lord, can't the human race use magic?
Astria said,

'Well, that's what we've been told.

'No, you don't?

'Yeah, they just showed me, Brother Decourse, the fireball.'

Nodding, DeCourse thrusts out his palm and shouts.
'Shoot from my palm! Fireball!

The fireball went off.


'Here, here, this is a big deal, my lord!

'Yeah, that's what I thought, so I had everyone look at it, and it's definitely magic, right?

'The size of it was smaller than the fireballs used by the dwarves, but it's definitely a fireball.

'This is going to be a big problem. I'm afraid this is the first time a human wizard has ever been seen in this country or even on this continent!

That's right. I've never even heard of it, and I didn't believe it until I saw it.

'I'm sure you're right! I just saw it and I still can't believe it! But why on earth? Does Lord Decourse have dwarven blood in him?

'No, there is only human blood in the House of Canaan.'

'Mister Decourse! How long have you been able to use it?
Astria asks Decourse.

'No, if you're asking how long it's been, I was just messing around and it came out, so if you're asking how long it's been, I'd say four days.

'So you tried it for the first time four days ago. So there's a possibility that it could have been used even earlier. This will make magicians panic. It's been said since ancient times that humans can't control magic, so this is a complete reversal of the premise, and I can imagine the panic of the old men.

'Astria... your true nature is coming out. Where's your usual calmness?'

'Ha! I'm sorry, my lord. I was once accused by a bunch of magicians that my wind magic was too weak for my bloodline, and I hate them...'

'Well, that's fine. Anyway, I'll ask Brother Decourse to check how many shots he can fire and how powerful they are. You three, give us some advice. And tomorrow, we'll go report to His Majesty. And Brother Decourse, is that okay? I'll pick you up tomorrow around noon. The rest of you, keep your mouths shut until I make an announcement. Is that clear?

'''Yes, sir.'''
After that, I tried various things and found that Decourse's fireball didn't work without preamble, and no matter how much magic I accumulated, it was not as powerful as Dwarf's fireball, but it was close. The number of times he could use it was about 80% of the dwarf's, and his magic ran out.
'Well, is it enough for a human to be able to do this?
I guess so. I mean, I can use it better than a half-dwarf wizard.
'Then it's probably a pretty good result.
And that was the end of it,

That night, in Patrick and Sona's bedroom, after their naked wrestling game was over, Sona, who was in his arms, whispered to Patrick,

'Hey, Pat. Didn't you have a birthday the other day, Mister Decourse?

'Yeah, I turned thirty the other day.

'I think I know why Lord Decourse became able to use magic.

'Sona too? Because Sona is the one who taught me that knowledge. I also think that rumor might be the reason. In this world, people come of age quickly and get married quickly. There are many cheap entertainment districts in the city. Maybe there was no one who could meet the requirements, and that urban legend was true.

''If you're a virgin until you're thirty, you can become a wizard.''

The two voices came together.