204-the first and second parts of mankind

The next day, in the early afternoon, Patrick got into the carriage with Sona.

For the sake of DeCourse's honor, they both decided not to report the incident.

First, they headed for the royal capital, Viscount Canaan.

'Hello, Pat. Mrs. Thornalis.'

'Don't bother saying hello, we'll be there soon. Get in, get in!

'Yeah, okay.'
And DeCourse gets into the Snakes' carriage.

'So, what's the plan after this?'
DeCourse asks Patrick.

'First thing in the morning, our messenger reported to the royal castle that there was an emergency and that we should gather as many royalist nobles as we could. I think most of the nobles in King's Landing will be there. I'll ask Brother Decourse to use his magic there. I don't know why, but he was able to use it for some reason, and I'll let him know that there are people who can use magic and ask him to look for others. Well, I'm sure you'll be counted as part of the force.

I don't know what a 'tepero' is, but if a human can use magic, then so be it. Elves and dwarves don't like to use magic in warfare.

'It's against their gods, they say, and they don't use it except for defense and hunting.

'So it's good for eating. I don't want to touch the wrath of God.
As they talked, the carriage slowly headed towards the royal castle.


'Thank you for responding to my urgent request, Your Majesty.

Patrick kneels down in front of the king and greets him.

'Long time no see, Father!
Thorinaris greets him lightly.

'Hmm, long time no see, you've only been married for three days. You've only been married for three days. Give me back the tears I cried. So, Patrick, what happened to gathering the royalists? Does it have something to do with DeCourse Canaan waiting there?'

'Yes, Your Majesty. I've made a discovery of great importance to the human race, and I wanted to report it quickly. In fact...''


'Oh my god! It's true⁉︎ Decourse Kanaan!
The surprised king shouted at DeCourse.

'Yes, Your Majesty. For now, I can't do anything big here, so here. Light a small flame on my index finger.'
Decourse said, and lit a small fire on his fingertip.

'Oh, wow! It's true! It's wonderful to see people doing magic!

'Your Majesty, the human race has long stopped even trying if they can't use it, but there is now a small chance that there are others who can. I think it's worth looking for them all over the country.''

'Hmm! The human race can use this power for national defense. A great discovery!


That afternoon, many nobles were gathered in the courtyard of the royal castle, and some of the military leaders were there as well.
At the center of your gaze is Decourse Canaan, standing beside Patrick.
The King and Patrick have already briefed you.
Now the target board is being prepared.

'The preparations are complete, Your Majesty!

'Good work! Now, Decourse Canaan, show them what you've done.'

'Yes, sir! Then! Fireball from my hand! Fireball!


'''Oooohhhh, it's true!

'' ''Mankind has magic too!

''This is going to change the war!

''My daughter's bride is a magician! It's amazing!

''You're not officially engaged yet, are you?

'My daughter is already planning to marry, so there's no problem! If you want, I can have her officially engaged tomorrow!
On the way, the conversation between General Simon and Lieutenant General Snakes is interrupted.

'No, it depends on how many of them we can find!

'For now, we must search the entire territory!

'Quiet, all of you!
The king's words quieted the place,

'As you've just seen, it proves that there are people among the human race who can use magic. They are less powerful and more numerous than Dwarven wizards, but they are still capable of killing. Now all we need is for you to do what you think is best and search the land. If there are others who can use them, they'll be a great asset. And Decourse Kanaan, the only one who is known to be able to use magic at this time, will be discharged from the Royal Court's Kingsguard, and will be appointed as the new "Royal Court Magician.

On this day, a new history was carved in the Mental Kingdom.