205-in the direction of the frontier Earl

 A series of huge carriages departed from a mansion called the "monster mansion" in the royal capital.
A large black carriage pulled by three large black horses, and another large black carriage pulled by two large black horses.
And on the many carriages that followed, soldiers in green military uniforms astride horses. On their chests are embroidered snakes. These soldiers are called the Viper Squad.
Wylie and Van Pelt will return to their territory first to greet Patrick.

 The Snakes' mansion is probably the only one in the whole kingdom that is called a monster house.
We're headed for the Snakes' Domain, which is west of King's Landing.

 Patrick always goes with a small group, but this time there were a few unusual things.
First of all, he has his wife, Thornaris, with him.
This will be his first meeting with the servants of the frontier county.

Second, there are two huge carriages. One of them is the well-known carriage for Pee-chan. And the other one?

'Pooh, Pei, I'll let you out when there are fewer people, so just be patient for a while, okay?

'Gah! Gah!

'All right, all right, good boy.'

'I still can't believe we're having a conversation.'

'What's the matter, Mirko, it's working with Pichan too, so of course it's working.

'Well, that's true, but I didn't think wyverns had any intelligence.

'Even a running dragon understands to some extent, so it must be intelligent. It's the same.

'That's true, but...'

'You'll go bald if you worry about the details.

'In my family, both my grandfathers and father were bald, so I'll go bald sooner or later!

'No, you can't be that confident...'
Patrick mutters.

'Have you heard? I heard you're going bald, is that okay?'

'I don't mind! If you go bald, I'll nudge you and squirt you!

'What if it's still sparse?

'I'll shave it off!

'I'm not sure that's a good idea.'
This is the conversation between Sona and her companion, Amelia, before their departure.

Now, the group proceeded smoothly westward. On the way, they received an enthusiastic welcome from the noble families. Then, they arrived at their first destination, the Barony of Wylie.

Wylie is a former mansion of Baron Curley, and we plan to stay there for the night.
From Wylie's servants,
'Welcome to the frontier, Count.
The servants of Wylie bowed deeply to me, and I entered the mansion to talk with Wylie, the lord.

'So, what's the situation?
I asked Wylie,

'Is it going well so far? I'm not sure, but my men tell me that the buckwheat is doing fine. As for the chickens, the workers are complaining about the smell and fear. Well, the smell of feces can't be helped, but the scary part is that the chickens are too big for the farmers to handle alone, so we have our soldiers help, but I'm afraid that the strength of the soldiers here is limited.
Wylie replied.

'Why don't you train them yourself? You know how to train them, don't you? You just have to do what I do.'

'If I do the same as you, my lord, the guards will run away!

'No, they won't run away, will they? You guys aren't running away either.'

'My lord? We just have nowhere to run. There are other ways for territorial soldiers to escape, such as fleeing to another territory or helping their parents farm.

'My family's home, you have one too.

'We're joining the national army independent of our family. Most of the territorial soldiers commute from their parents' homes.'

'Hmm? But I don't think any of the Snakes' men ran away.

'Isn't it because they don't feel like they can escape from the lord?

'Is that so? Well, tomorrow you can come with me to see the chicken farm and the training of the Snakes' soldiers.

'Yes, sir.