206-Baron Wiley.

The next day, Wylie and Patrick went to the chicken farm in the morning,

'Wylie... what is that?

'This is a strange thing for a lord to do. It's a chicken, isn't it?

A bird as tall as a man's waist was chasing the keeper around, and the guards were beating it away with spears that had no cutting edges.

Patrick did not know the chickens of this world properly.

He thought that the chickens of this world were the ones he always ate roasted whole. Now he knew that they were actually newborn chicks.

'Oh, yeah, that's right. Chickens, yeah, yeah, chickens...'

'Yes. They're really fierce, and even if you feed them, they'll come closer to you than to the food, and they can't fly, but their legs are fast, so they're really troubled.

'Did they ever run away?

'He's not strong enough to break the boards of the surrounding enclosure, so he doesn't need to run away, but he's constantly getting poked in the legs and getting fresh wounds.

'So it's just licking us. Hmmm... I see. Then all we have to do is scare it. Let's scare it.

A black carriage arrived next to the chicken farm.

'Pu, Pei, don't eat it.

''Gah! Squeak?

'Yeah, yeah, just attack it from the sky. The zookeepers will come to protect them and chase them away, so if someone comes out with a spear, act like you're in a hurry to escape.


''The keepers are good, right? The plan is to make them think that you guys are actually strong and protecting the chickens.''

''Hahahahai, I'm a ministry.''

'Don't be so scared, we won't let you get hurt!

'My Lord, this is what usually happens when you see a wyvern.

'I'm sure he'll listen to you...'

After that, the chickens cried out in fear, ran away, and trembled.

The crowns of the Barony of Wylie chickens turned blue after this, and as they lived in hiding in the coop instead of moving around, their flesh became fattier and softer due to the loss of muscle.
This was the moment of the birth of the Barony of Wylie's blue chicken.
They were well received by the breeders as being easy to raise.

There were also scenes of the territorial people running away from the two wyverns flying above the poultry farm and the territorial soldiers desperately trying to calm them down, and it was said that the Earl of Sneaks was the God of Death in the Barony of Wylie.