207-Tonning's depression

'Well. Next is the Territorial Guard.'

Patrick smiles, refreshed that his work is done.
Refreshing doesn't really suit Patrick.

But, perhaps due to the wyvern effect, the Territorials are already completely freaked out,
'If you run away, I'll have these guys attack you, okay?
Patrick looked at Wyvern and said something he didn't need to say, and the soldiers turned pale.

Many of them collapsed under Wylie's and Patrick's rigorous training, and Patrick's bodyguard, a young Snakes soldier, couldn't stand the sight of them,

'Sir, how about we stop by this territory for training on our way to King's Landing? I don't think we can do this training right away.

The Baron Wylie's soldiers thanked him greatly for his help.

'Hmm, I see that too. Good! What's your name?

'Haha! My name is Tonning!

'Then, Tonning! I'm appointing you as Captain of the Snakes' Order. Your main duty will be to teach the training of our troops to other territories! You'll be responsible for training my troops in Barony Wylie, Barony Van Pelt, and Abbot's Frontier! Recite!

'Yes, my lord! I will be training the Territorial Guard in Barony Wylie, Barony Van Pelt, and the Abbot's Frontier Counts as Commander of the Order!

''Good! I'll have the troops selected later and put them under you, so keep that in mind! I'll go to Abbott's territory first, and I'll call you later!

'Yes, sir!
Tonning saluted hurriedly.

'So that's it for the training, right Wylie?

'Yes, my lord. Thank you for your help. Good luck, Mr. Toning!
I watched their backs as they left, smiling and laughing,

'Did I say something I shouldn't have...'
Her blond hair swayed helplessly.

'Toning is too witty...'
My colleague said, looking at Toning as if he were looking at a poor abandoned cat,

'Because you're suddenly training with us. It's impossible. It's too pitiful.

'No, they made us do it too. I collapsed. It's not right for you to be standing there after being trained by you!

'That's right. I thought I was going to die that time.

Tonning said weakly, looking into the distance.

Is it my imagination, or is there no light in his green eyes?