208-in the Baroness of Van Pelt

The next day, Patrick and his party entered the neighboring territory of Baron Van Pelt.
This is the former territory of the Agers, and as I have written before, it is an area with many rocky mountains.
We arrived at Baron Van Pelt's residence and heard his report.

'How are the goats and sheep?

'My lord, the sheep seem to be doing well, but the problem is the goats. They have a rough temperament and jump over the fence to escape, so the keepers and guards are running around every day looking for them and bringing them back, but it seems that it is hard to get them, and in the worst cases they are on the cliffs of the rocks, so it seems that it is very hard to get them.

'Hmm, how about the potatoes?

'They seem to be doing well, but the area is small, so the quantity is not so great.

'I see. At any rate, we should do something about the runaway goats. I'll go check on them tomorrow.

'Then, what are we going to do today?

''We'll see what the territorial soldiers are capable of. The soldiers at Wylie's place were more pathetic than I thought, so I'm curious to see how Van Pelt's place is doing.
I'm curious to see how Van Pelt's place fares,' Patrick said, and Van Pelt's face grew increasingly pale.

'My lord? You're not going to demand the same level of service as the national army, are you?

'They're the same soldiers. Our Snakes' territory soldiers are no different from the national army, right? Don't worry. I'll train them properly!

'No, no, no, no! The soldiers will run away!

'You're saying the same thing as Wylie, don't worry, I've decided to send our new Territorial Guard to Wylie's place as an instructional unit, and I'll send them to yours as well. It's a little better than me doing it, right?

'You don't mean Elvis-dono, do you?

'If I send Elvis, the Territorial Army won't be able to move. Don't worry, he's a young soldier, he'll only be taught what he can do. It's mostly basic training.

'Even basic training is hard, sir.

'You're the one who did it in the 8th Army.

'When I was assigned to the 8th Army, I thought I was going to die.

'I'm not dead!

'That's true, but...'

'Let's get out of here without any complaints, come on!

'Yes, sir. ......'

''Oh, let's take Toning along and decide the training content together!


'Tonning, how are you going to train?

'Yes, sir, for now, I'm planning to use the same basic training as the Snakes territory army, so we'll start running early in the morning, and after a 10-minute lunch break, it seems like there's an opponent who's running away, so I'm thinking that training to hunt it down would be good.'

Van Pelt said to Toning,
Van Pelt asked, 'Who is it that's running away?
Van Pelt asked,
'Goats, of course! Climbing up the rocky mountain is a good way to train your arms as well as your legs, and carrying the goat is also a good way to train.

'Oh! You're so smart. You can turn the problem of a fleeing goat into a training exercise! Okay, let's use one rocky hill as a training ground and goat pasture, and fence off the area around it! It may cost a bit of money, but if we adjust the height, the goats won't be able to escape.

'Wouldn't just building a high fence solve the goat problem?
Van Pelt said,

'That's not training. We also need to train the soldiers!

'I'm afraid we're going to have a lot of injuries. ......'

'Use potions.

'Yes ......'

On that day, Baron Van Pelt's soldiers were subjected to rigorous training by Patrick and Toning, and the dead were all over the place.

This was the moment when the name of Toning, along with that of Snakes, became a rare target of fear in the Baron Van Pelt's army.