209-a matter on the lake.

Leaving the Van Pelt territory, we entered the Snakes territory.

They decide to take a lunch break on the shores of a vast lake, and begin to prepare their meal.
Patrick and Sona, however, are preoccupied with other matters.

'I don't know what to say anymore.
said Mirko.

'I think it's better for your mental health if you just dismiss them as such.
Amelia, standing next to Mirko, replied.

In front of their gaze, or rather, in front of the gaze of everyone in this place, there is a couple of freaks, or rather, a couple of frontiersman Snakes, who have attached a kind of leather saddle to their wyvern and are taking a walk in the sky on the back of it.

They thought it would be safe to fall in the lake, so they took a walk in the sky as an experiment, and it was very fun for them.

Mirko hurriedly told his men,
But even in the Snakes' territory, two wyverns flying around can cause chaos among farmers and fishermen. That should convince most of them! Go ride around on your horses!

The soldiers were forced to ride around on horses.

At that time, Pichan was swimming around in the lake (snakes usually swim and dive), devouring fish and demons, which she rarely ate.
There are almost no demons in the Snakes' territory, but the only exception is the aquatic demons. People are surprisingly weak in the water.

Lakes have their own unique demons.
There are eel-like monsters, large catfish-like monsters, and fish-like monsters.

There are also monsters like the water monitor lizard, large amphibians like the giant salamander, and frog monsters over two meters tall.

Being a fisherman is a job that requires risking one's life.

The monster that fishermen are most wary of is called a water dragon.

It has a large mouth full of sharp teeth, a body like a strong armor, limbs that are small in comparison to its size, and a tail that is probably longer than its body.
Its bite is said to be the strongest among the dragon species.

'That's a big crocodile,' Patrick said.
Patrick said,

'Yeah, it's a big crocodile.
'Yeah, a big crocodile,' says Thorinaris.

'I don't know what a crocodile is, but the armor-like scales on its body are tattered, you water dragon,' says Mirko.
Mirko said,

'Maybe Pichan tightened it up.
Patrick guesses. That's right, the monster that Pichan dragged in. A crocodile-like water dragon over ten meters long.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
Mirko says in a dumbfounded voice.

'No matter how big he is, he won't be able to bite his own body, so he'll be helpless when his body is constricted.

'Is there no use for this tattered leather?

'You can eat meat. It's white, light, and delicious.'

'You're talking about crocodiles, aren't you?
Thorinaris interjected.

Thus, the water dragon barbecue was held, and the people were served water dragon meat as well, so the confusion of the wyverns was treated as if it never happened. As expected of the Snakes.
Incidentally, Pu and Pei were also eating water dragon meat next to the people.

When everyone was getting ready to leave, Patrick was called by Pee-chan and taken to a place by the lake.

He was dexterously pointing with his tail to a place where the soil was raised. 'Dig here?

'You want me to dig here?
Patrick asked Pichan, who shook her head.

Patrick does as he's told and digs in the dirt.
What comes out is a lot of eggs.

'I have a bad feeling about this, don't I? Pichan?'

Is it my imagination, or does Pichan's mouth seem to be smiling slightly when he said that?

'You're going to bring it back, aren't you?

Shaking his head violently, Patrick gave up and ordered his men to collect the eggs and load them into Pichan's carriage.