210-Snakes Main House

With the preparations complete, Patrick and his party proceeded smoothly through the streets.

The street cleaning is so thorough that not even a single goblin, let alone a bandit, appears.
As they approach the Snakes' mansion, the number of soldiers guarding it gradually increases.

There are not many, but there are still people who want to kill Patrick.
The former nobles who were reduced to commoners hold a grudge against him.
There are those who would plot to kill the one they hate in his domain.

Ein and the rest of the Dark Serpents are gathering information and dealing with them as soon as they are found, but there are no absolutes in this world.
But there is no such thing as infallibility in this world, for there are those who will not let their feelings be known and will watch vigilantly.

Soon, the number of Snakes territory soldiers guarding Patrick's group exceeded 100.

The Snakes' mansion, located in a vast area of land, looks like a fortress.

The old Rigsby Mansion used to be the office of the Snakes' Brewers Guild, and merchants from all over the Mental Kingdom would come here to purchase alcohol.

The new Rigsby House was built on the west side of the former Rigsby's territory, almost to the former Westin's territory, where there was a vast wasteland unsuitable for farming.

Looking from above, a moat in the shape of a hexagram, like two triangles stacked on top of each other, was dug to draw water from the river.
Within the moat, a fort of the same shape was built, and in the center of the fort stood a building of the same shape as the Snakes' residence in the capital.
It is about twice the size of the mansion in the capital.

The construction of the moat and fortifications employed a large number of people who had been out of work, and there were almost no more people in the territory who could be called poor. In addition, there is no shortage of work in the Snakes' territory.
There is even a shortage of labor for agriculture.

With the new water supply, the wasteland is no longer a wasteland, but a farmland under the direct control of the Snakes, where various crops are planted.
The former Westin territory, like the former Rigsby territory, is a wheat-producing area, and thanks to the Snakes' large purchases of wheat, new wheat fields have been cultivated and the harvest is steadily increasing.

As a result, the production of whiskey has been increasing.
Liquor craftsmen are not so much screaming with joy as they are in desperate need of labor, and they are looking for workers, but many of them are choosing easy construction jobs rather than acquiring skills, and the number of workers is not increasing.

However, many of them choose to work in simple construction jobs rather than acquiring skills, and the number of construction jobs is not increasing. You may wonder if there is construction work after the fort is completed, but there are many construction sites, such as the renovation of the west fort and the relocation of the north fort.
Rumor has it that if you go to the Snakes' territory, you can get a job, and the track record of people disappearing from the slums of King's Landing is probably the best proof of this.

Patrick has also built a communal housing complex called the Snakes Family Estate, which he rents out at low rents.
More and more people are settling in the area, hoping to live there for cheap rent, work, and get a house.
The busiest territory at the moment is the Snakes' Domain.

As we approach the moat, we see a large drawbridge.
There are soldiers guarding the bridge, and Patrick says,

'Good work!

Patrick calls out to him as he passes.
The soldier salutes the group with an upright salute.

After passing through two bridges, they reach a stone wall, which Patrick insists is a wall, and the gatekeepers salute and open the door.
The soldiers standing guard on the wall also salute.

After passing through the gate, we finally saw the mansion.

Santino, the steward of the mansion, was waiting for me in front of the mansion.
'Welcome home, my lord. And how do you do, Mistress Thornalis? I'm Santino, steward of the main house of Snakes. Please make my acquaintance.

And with that, he bowed gracefully.