211-the taste of tea

There are many people who work at the Snakes' estate.

From the maintenance of the mansion, to the guards of the walls (or fortification walls as they call them), to the gatekeepers, to the guards of the suspension bridge, to the guards of the grounds.
There are many civilian officers as well as military officers.
Except for the ones that require Patrick's approval, the civilian officers take care of everything.

With Patrick's guidance, Thorinaris moves through the compound.
The servants can see the look on his face.
If he were to disrespect his wife, the fire of his fate would be extinguished. You must never mistake her for someone else.

Patrick leaves Mirko and Amelia to take care of Thornalis and heads for his office.

Patrick sits in his chair in the office and tells Santino,

'Documents that need to be approved. And do you have anything to report?
He asked. That's what he always asks Santino when he returns to his estate.

'My lord, the documents for approval are here. Also, there was an inquiry from the Western Army asking when the next inspection would be.

'Is this a report on the progress of the construction? Or did something go wrong?'

'No, that doesn't seem to be the case, but they've been asking frequently for a while now. When is he coming?

'Why do you think they want to know so much? Hmm? Wait, what? Didn't something happen the other day when I went on an inspection?

'Does it have anything to do with the key you got from the lord when you came back from your inspection?

'Ah! I just remembered! He's going to ask! Well, tell him I'll be there tomorrow.'

'Then I'll send a messenger.

'Yes, please. And make sure my pets are fed.'

'You mean the Viper and the Wyvern. I was surprised to see them in the wagon.'

'I've never brought them over here before.

'How much meat do you need, sir?

'We ate a lot on the way here, so just one chicken each.

'Yes, sir.'

Just as I was saying that, the head maid, Leena, came in with a tea set.
'My lord, would you like to drink it with your wife?
I asked,

'Yes, of course. Where is she now?

'He should be on the wall with Mirko-dono and his attendant.

'Hmm, so I'll have another drink when I come down, and for now I'll drink alone.

'Yes, I'll get you some right away.

'Yes, please.'

Hot water is poured from the pot in Leena's right hand, and the tea leaves release a rich aroma.

She lifts the cup in front of Patrick with her right hand, brings it close to her mouth to enjoy the aroma, and then sips it.

'After all, tea tastes best when it's made by Leena! It's a taste that's been familiar to me since I was a child!
Patrick said, looking at Leena,

'Thank you, sir. It comes directly from your wife.

'It's been handed down from your mother. ...... Oh, well, I guess I'll take Sona back to the tomb when I return to King's Landing.

'Mistress, you'll be pleased. You'll be able to see Master Patrick's wife.

There was a glint in Leena's eyes as she smiled.