Thorinaris was enjoying the view from the top of the city walls.
As he looked at the scenery, he reflected on his journey.

Since he had only lived in King's Landing, the only sights he had seen from his room had been man-made structures or mountains, but he had enjoyed the natural scenery of this world on his journey so far.

The view that Patrick and I had from the back of the wyvern was fantastic.

Looking at the big lake from above, the sight of a giant eel and Pichan fighting tickled my inner battle instincts.
As it turned out, Pichan won the battle by a landslide.
The speed with which he swallowed a large eel was quite astonishing.

Now, in front of my eyes, there is a rich green field and blue sky, the river in the distance is shining silver reflecting the sunlight, and the mountains in the distance have white peaks.

In my previous life, I was born in a country with a lot of nature, and there was a lot of snow, but I grew up in the city, and I have only lived in the city since I came to Japan. In this world, I have never even seen snow in the royal capital.

Speaking of snow, when I went to Kyoto for filming, I saw the Kinkakuji Temple covered with snow, which was beautiful.
As I chewed on the differences between my previous life and this life,

I'm going to live a long and happy life with Pat this time!

For some reason, he made a clenched fist and declared.

The two who were watching from behind..,
'Do you think they were attracted to each other because they're both eccentric?

'Well, an ordinary princess wouldn't make a vow to the sky with a clenched fist, would she?

As she was saying this, Thornaris turned around and said ,

'You're not a princess anymore, you're a countess of the frontier! If we're so eccentric, why don't you two get along because you're so serious?
He asked with a grin.

Mirko's forehead instantly began to sweat, and Amelia's face grew redder and redder.

'I didn't see you two for about an hour yesterday after dinner, I don't know what you were doing!
I don't know where they were!' he said, deliberately raising his voice and shrugging his shoulders.

The two men panicked,
'I'll keep it a secret from Pat, Mirko-dono, but you'll have to report it yourself!

Amelia hurriedly chased after Sonaris as she descended the stairs of the castle wall, while Mirko fell to his knees,

'They already knew. ......'

Mirko kneeled on the spot and muttered in a small voice, 'They already knew.