213-a certain man

The west fort is in the middle of renovation work.

This is because the recent civil war has brought to light the points that need to be improved.

Fire preparedness.
It became apparent that the well water could not put out the fire (because someone had started the fire), so water was drawn from the river and a reservoir was built inside the fort.
It was quite a big project.

In order to prevent intruders from entering through the water inlet, a thick iron fence was attached to the moat dug under the fort walls to prevent people from entering.

As a result, the toilet situation in the fort has been improved.
The toilets are now flushable.
The waste water flows into the pond and finally into the river through the drainage channel. Fish farming can be started in the pond. The fish would eat the human waste. The fish can be used as food during a siege. It won't feel good, though.

And repairing the area that was burned down by someone.
Many of them have been replaced with stone structures, as wooden ones might catch fire again. Thanks to this, the pantry and other places were less damaged by rats.

'Dispatch! Herald from Snakes territory! Lieutenant General Snakes is coming to inspect tomorrow.'

'Thank you! Stand down.

'Yes, sir!

The new general of the Western Army, Major General Powter, sinks his slightly overweight body into the sofa, his blue eyes fixed on his second-in-command,

'Lieutenant General Snakes is here. Tell the men. If you get in trouble with him, it'll be my neck on the line.
I said.

'Yes, sir. He's the Lieutenant Commander of the Reapers, after all. The last time I came to inspect him, I didn't know what he looked like and thought he was just a nobleman's son and got involved with him.

'I'm sorry for that guy, but he's lucky we're not being held responsible.
Major General Powter says, scratching his blond head, and his second in command says,

'Thank you, sir, but I feel sorry for him.
The first officer replies.

'That's true. ......'


There's a man stationed on the lookout at the fort.
No, he is stationed there.
His legs are fixed to the platform by iron rings with locks, and he cannot come down.
Food and water are brought to them by other soldiers, and they are also asked to bring down their own excrement. I have to sleep in a chair. I've been in this place for two months now.

'You'll be on guard duty here until I come next!

I regret my actions when I remember the face of the man who smiled at me.

How could such a young man be the lieutenant general, and the Grim Reaper at that!

He had been the reigning boss of the slums, but due to the disappearance of the slums in the capital, he had no choice but to drift west in search of work.
He was confident in his physical strength, so he applied for a job as a soldier in the Western Army.
He was able to complete his training without any problems and thought that he was strong here as well.
I thought that as long as I paid attention to my superiors in the fort, I could do whatever I wanted here.

But that wasn't the case.

When I tried to make fun of the young men who came to inspect the fort, I was beaten to a pulp. And he was beaten by a young man with bare hands.

The superior, who heard the commotion, came over, his face pale,

'Sir Snakes! I beg your pardon!

It was only when he got down on his knees that I learned that this young man was the Grim Reaper that I had heard rumors of in the capital.

'It's really not my lucky day. ......'
I muttered, and he replied.

'Hey, it seems he's coming tomorrow! We can finally come down, right?
' said my colleague who brought me a meal.


'Yeah, one of your men just arrived with a warning. Major General Poulter sent word to all the soldiers. Don't cause any trouble. Knowing what he knows about you, he won't.'

'Finally, finally I can get off the ground.

The man muttered and shed a tear.