Patrick's party departs from the Snakes' main residence.

Their destination is the west fort.
In the center is a prominent red carriage and two large black carriages.
In front and behind them are the Snakes' army guards.

A merchant's carriage makes way for the group as they proceed down the street. The difference between King's Landing and King's Landing is that people do not run away when they see these carriages.
In King's Landing, people would run away as if they were spiders, but in Snake's Landing, there are children waving their hands, and adults and old people bowing their heads.

From the main residence of the Snakes to the west fort, you have to go through the old Westin territory, so you have to look at the vast wheat fields for a long time.

Riding in the red carriage are Patrick, Sonaris, Mirko, and their maid, Amelia.


After a few hours of riding in the carriage, Sonalice becomes selfish.

'A carriage ride is boring, you know.

Amelia warned him,

'There was a change of scenery before we got to the main house, but here it's wheat fields all the time! I'm bored! Hey, Pat. Is there anything I can do to kill the boredom?
I asked Patrick.

'Something to kill the boredom... the only thing that can kill the boredom is playing cards... did we bring any cards?
Patrick asks Mirko,

'No, I didn't bring any this time.
'No, not this time.

'No,' he said.
Patrick said to Thorinaris, who grinned at him,

'Well, since this is a good opportunity, Mirko-san has something to say to Pat! Mirko-san, come in!

He winked and made a reckless request to Mirko.

As soon as Mirko was told that, sweat began to pour from his forehead.

'Hmm? From Mirko? What's going on, Mirko?'
Patrick stares at Mirko.

Amelia, who's sitting next to Mirko, has a red face.

'Oh my lord, you're right, I am.'
Mirko, biting down.

'Take a deep breath and calm down, Mirko!
Patrick said in disgust,

And Mirko took a deep breath,

'I, Count Snakes frontier knight Mirko, would like to inform the lord that I am dating Amelia-dono here! I beg your pardon!

Patrick looked at Mirko, who was sitting in the carriage with her head bowed,

'I'm dating my lord's wife's maid. You can't allow that with half-hearted determination. She was a maid of honor to a princess. She must have come from a family of high rank, right?

I asked Thornalis,

'Yes, she's the fourth daughter of a viscount.

'If she's the fourth daughter of a viscount, she's probably well educated and more educated than Mirko. And if you get married, you'll have to go to the Viscount's house to greet them. Are you ready for that? You might be called a mere knight in shining armor.
Patrick said to Mirko,

'Yes sir! I'm ready for it. But I've discussed it with Amelia and we've decided that we'll work hard until we get permission.

Mirko kept her head bowed.

Patrick turns his gaze to Amelia.

'Are you sure you want to do the same?
He asks,

'Yes. I confessed my feelings to her. I've already made up my mind at that point.
Amelia looked Patrick straight in the eye and said.

'Okay, then there's nothing to say. I'll give you my permission and we'll approach the Viscountess. '

''Thank you very much!''
Mirko and Amelia's voices came together.