215-to get angry

Patrick is regretting it now.
Why had he allowed Mirko and Amelia to get together just now?
He wanted to punch himself in the face a few minutes ago.
Why didn't you say you'd think about it for a day?

Because the flirtation between Mirko and Amelia that was unfolding in front of her eyes was so far beyond her imagination.

I can still put up with the happy flirting. However, as a subordinate and a maidservant, how would you feel about making more noise in front of your master than your master and his wife?

The veins in Patrick's forehead, twitching, would have been clearly visible to Thorinaris next to him.

And there is a limit to one's patience.

'I'm getting angry. ......'
She heard Patrick's small murmur, and her face changed.

She knows.
She knows what Patrick did after he muttered those words.

That was when Thornaris was Theresa.

The captain of the smuggler's ship was working on a weapons smuggling job when he started teasing Jin about his lazy work and, of course, because he was Japanese. The other sailors were also amused and started teasing him.
Jin was basically a patient person.
But if he put up with too much, he would explode.

He gave all the sailors on the smuggling ship sleeping pills to drink that night, caught them when they fell asleep, tied them up with ropes, carried them to the port, and tied the ropes to the ship.

Everyone wakes up and starts to make a fuss, but it is difficult for them to even stand up because they are almost in a state of being wrapped in a mattress.
And then there is Jin, looking down on them.

'You guys, if you don't want to die, give me all the money you have. Those of you who give will have the rope cut to save you, but those who don't will be tied up and sail away. You know what will happen, right?'

The cold look in Jin's eyes made those of us with a certain amount of ability realize that.
He's the kind of guy you don't want to cross.

But the thug doesn't understand.
Those who had money promised to pay immediately and had the rope cut.
The life of the thug who didn't pay was lost to the sea.

Sonaris' eyes on Mirko and Amelia turned sad, as if he were looking at a poor abandoned cat.

'All right, Mirko, I'll give you guys your first view in life as a prelude. Let's jump to the fortress while we're at it. Since only Sona and I can ride on Pu and Pei's backs, you guys can tie yourselves to wooden sticks with ropes and hold onto Pu and Pei's legs. Good for you, Sona. You've got some time to kill!

And without giving Mirko and Amelia time to argue, he says it all at once and makes his decision.
At the same time, the two of them were captured and rolled up in a mattress without any time to escape.

Poor Mirko and Amelia, their screams became the sirens that announced Patrick's arrival at the west fort.

Due to the confusion caused by the flight of the two wyverns, the area around the west fort fell into chaos, and there was a rush of people trying to escape to the fort.

One of the men on guard duty was desperately banging a bell to warn the people of the danger when he spotted the two wyverns.
It seems that he had not forgotten his duty.