A few hours later, the chaos in the west fort finally died down.

The cause was the two wyverns used by Lieutenant General Snakes.

'I don't even know what to say anymore about using wyverns.
Major General Poulter said in disgust.

'Well, if those were wild wyverns, they'd probably do a lot of damage, but I hope the lieutenant general will think about the people around him and act accordingly.
The lieutenant replied,

'Can you tell that to Lieutenant General Snakes?

'Of course I can't. Don't be scared, Major General.

'That's right, ...... don't feel sorry for the two people who were grabbed by the legs and brought here.'

'The lieutenant general's knight and his wife's handmaiden. It's hard to have an unbelievable master.

'You, if he asks you that, you'll end up like him again. And the wife is His Majesty's third daughter. Be careful, you can't be too proud of either of them.'

'A mouthful is a bad thing. I'll be careful.

'In the meantime, tell the surrounding areas, we don't want to have a fuss over every inspection.

'Yes, sir. But I'd like to have some markers to distinguish them from the wild ones, because we can't be sure that the wild ones won't come.

'I'll see what I can do about that, I'll advise you.

'Please, so where is the Lieutenant General now?

'On the observation deck.

'Ah, so he can finally get off.

'I guess his long mission is finally over, we should give him a leave.


'Hey! It's been a while. What's your name again?'
Patrick asks a certain man with his feet pinned to the ledge,

'Cousnuts, my lord.
The man, Cusnut, replied.

'Well, then, Cnut, have you reflected enough? I've done my research on your background. I heard you were a slum lord in King's Landing. You may have had a grudge against me, the one who lost the slum, but killing me won't bring it back.

'I would never kill you, sir. I didn't know your face, I was simply trying to make fun of a young nobleman, I had no intentions! My sincerest apologies.
Kuznats got down on his knees and apologized.

'Well, then I'll give you the key, but I'll give you a choice. You can either stay here and work at the fort, or you can work for the Snakes' family as a guard at my house.

Kusnatz looked astonished at the sudden invitation.

'I heard you were frantically ringing the bell when I rode into the wyvern. You could have been eaten. I'm talking about your commitment to the mission. You decide by the time I get back. Then I'll go back to my tour. In the meantime, go to bed for the night and think about it.'
And with that, Patrick leaves.

Cousnut, still holding the key he had been given, stared at Patrick's back, dumbfounded.