217-further understanding

At the same time, Sonaris, Mirko, and Amelia were in the visitor's room in the fort.

Mirko and Amelia are sitting on the sofa, exhausted. They looked a little pale.

'How can you two be so sloppy that you feel sick from that?
Sonaris tells them, and Mirko says,

'No, no, ma'am, most people get anxious when they're off the ground. There are people who can't even stand on top of tall buildings like watchtowers. And this time, we were flying in the sky, you know? I was tied up! It's impossible, right?
To Mirko, who was a little louder than usual,

'Wasn't it a nice view?
Thorinaris replies.

'I don't have time to look at the view!

'What a waste, did Amelia get to see it?
Thorinaris turned the conversation to Amelia,

'I was meditating the whole time! I knew in my gut that I shouldn't look!
Amelia looks a little angry.

'It's a good thing I didn't see it, I didn't feel like living.
Mirko says.

'You two are no good, you need to look around at all times! You never know what you might discover! And speed and levitation are fun because they're different from the norm! Well, if you've learned from this, be careful when you make out in front of Pat.

'Yes, I was carried away. I regret it.
Mirko said, followed by Amelia,
'I'm sorry too, but wasn't that a bit much?
She's still not happy.

'Amelia, Pat is still taking it easy on you, okay? You made sure he didn't die. He's done worse before. He was able to go easy on her because she's one of his family.'

'You're going easy on him?
Mirko asks back.

'What's Pat's second name?

'Reaper .......'

'Right? You're taking it easy when you're trying not to die. No one's died in training, right?'

'By the way, what did they do to you before?'
Amelia asks.

'Well, to put it simply, do you know what it would be like if you tied a man to a rope, tied him to a horse, and dragged him around at full speed?

'Yes, I understand.'

'Yes, Pat may be called the Grim Reaper, but he's still a human being, and he can lose his temper sometimes, so be careful.

'I understand that all too well. '

'Yeah, well, take it easy until the soldiers you left behind arrive. I'm going to go to Pat's.'' Ah! Don't do anything weird in your room just because I'm not there! If you do, I'll tell Pat, okay?

''No, I won't!''
They both shouted in unison.

When Sonaris left the room..,

''You don't have the energy to do that, do you?
Mirko asks Amelia in a small voice.

Mirko asks Amelia in a small voice, 'I'm not feeling fine, I'm feeling nauseous. Are you okay Mirko?

'I'm not nauseous, but I'm dizzy. ......'

'You've been through a lot: ......'

The two nodded at each other.