218-to be excited

'Lieutenant General Snakes, I have a request or a suggestion.'
Rear Admiral Powter addresses Patrick in a reserved tone.

'What is it?'

'The Wyvern is the Lieutenant General's messenger beast, and I would like to have some kind of marker to distinguish it from the wild, just in case. This is the far west, so it's unlikely that a wyvern would come here from the eastern forest, but I can't say that it won't, and I think the people will feel safer if there's a landmark.''

'I see! You have a point. I'll think of something.

'Thank you, sir, and the construction of the fort is going well, is there anything you are concerned about?
Major General Powter asks.

Why would he ask Patrick, who is not a member of the Western Army, about the facilities of a national fort?

It has to do with his special title of "Count of the Frontier".

This title, "Count of the Frontier", means that the territory is treated as an autonomous country.
In order to protect its borders, the taxes of the territory can be used to pay for border security. No taxes are paid to the state.
And to protect the border, the count of the frontier is allowed to start a war at his discretion.

In the country, it is treated as a subordinate to a duke and equal to a marquis, but in reality, it is treated like a ruler of a vassal state, and is a title of great authority.

The fortifications of the Western Army within the territory are also there to guard the borders, which is why they are under Patrick's control.
The king and the vizier both thought that the war with the Empire was coming soon, and they wanted Patrick to train the Western Army as well, which is why they appointed him as the frontier count.

'There doesn't seem to be anything special. I think it's going well.'

'I'm glad to hear that.

'Well, I'll just inspect the area and head back tomorrow. Speaking of which, where are my wife and the knights?

'It seems that the knights are very tired, so they are resting in their rooms.

'If they're that tired, they haven't been trained enough.

'No, I think it's just mental fatigue.
Rear Admiral Powter said he was concerned about Mirko and the others, but..,

'You're weak if you're mentally exhausted after I gave you a comfortable flight.

'No, it's the sky, after all.

'It's a beautiful view. Would you like me to show it to the Major General?
'No, sir,' said Patrick, to which Major General Powter immediately replied,

'No, thank you!
He said with all his might.


Patrick thinks about this as he looks at Thorinaris, Pu, and Pei.
How to mark them.

'It's hard to tell with just a saddle, isn't it?
Thorinaris said,

'Maybe it's hard to see from a distance.
Patrick replies.

'If you want to make it visible from a distance, do you want to add color?

'It would be a pity to paint the scales, wouldn't it?

'That's right. Ah! Why don't we make armor for Pu and Pei? Like leather armor, not just saddle armor, but colorful armor, so they know they're not wild?

'Oh! I like that! All right, let's think about what to make on the carriage ride home!

The two of them got excited.