219-I'll ask Cusnut.

Patrick's guards and servants have finally arrived at the west fort.

One of the Snakes' servants, who seemed to be busy unloading and reversing the load, was approached by Kusnatz in a reserved manner.

'I'd like to ask you a few questions, if that's all right.

'Hmm? I'm busy, so make it quick, okay?'
The man replies, moving his hands.

'Ah, so I'll ask you straight out, have you had any trouble working at His Excellency the Frontier Count's residence? No, His Excellency has invited me to work as a guard.
When Cousnut said that, the man stopped and looked at Cousnut,

'Oh! So we could be colleagues. I guess so. I don't have any problems working here, but I might be a little worried about the people around me. After all, the lord is an object of respect and fear in his domain, and his servants are expected to behave and act accordingly. That's the Snakes' servant! The pay is good. The pay is good. However, if you commit a crime and damage the name of the house, you will be rounded up by our military police and punished severely.

'What kind of terrible?

'I heard it's the kind of punishment that makes you think it's better to die, but the people who've been punished are too scared to say anything. Even so, the treatment is so good that there are people who work without quitting.

'That means there are people who quit, right?

'Yeah, it depends on the degree, but those who were making money illegally by using the name of the lord were punished and turned into criminal slaves, so they were fired. Well, it's a good place to work if you're honest. It's a bit special, like being a servant beast of a lord, but that's all.

'A little bit, you mean the wyvern, right? I don't think a little is enough.

'There's also a huge snake. There's one in that wagon. Want to see? Pichan-sama likes me a lot, so she allows me to open the door, and I was just preparing the food.
The man lifts the chicken with his left hand and points at the carriage with his right thumb.

'Are you sure? I'm a little scared, but I want to see it.
He should have said no, but he did.

The man who opened the door with a bang.
As soon as he opened it, Pichan's face popped out.

'Miss Pichan, can you smell me? Yes, here's your meal!

Next to the man who was saying this, there was a sound of someone falling.

'Hey, are you okay?

'Here, I lost my back...'
A slumped Kusnats replies.

'Well, I'm fine like that! You're lucky you didn't shit your pants! Hahaha.'

Looking at the man who was laughing out loud, Kusnatz wondered whether he should work for the Snakes or not.