220-Patrick's mouth?

Patrick and his team will begin to survey the area around the fort.

The main investigation is to understand the terrain.
They need to know how to move in case of a battle with the Empire, where the water is, and so on.

Leaving the ground investigation to Mirko and his subordinates, Patrick and Sonalith were checking the entire area from the air.
Of course, they were also checking to see how Pu and Pei were moving their wings.

'I still don't think the armor will work around the wings.
Patrick said,

'Well, we can only wear armor on the stomach and the legs from the shin down. The tail seems to be used to change direction, and the neck moves a lot, so maybe I'll just put some cool leather armor on the head.
Thorinaris replied.

'It shouldn't be too heavy.

'Well, leather armor is heavy enough, so maybe we should use more cloth?
The two of them were looking at the ground while talking.

'Hmm? What's that?
Patrick raises his voice.

'What's going on?

'There's a yellow area.

'That's right! Let's go there.'

'Pooh, head towards the yellow.'
Patrick called out,

and Pei followed suit.

Sonaris shouted.

'Yeah, it's rape blossoms.
There were rape blossoms blooming all over the place.

'Rape blossoms are the ones that produce oil, aren't they?

'Yeah, I found some good ones.

'What do you use it for?

'For lamps, of course, but you can also use it for fire arrows and fried food. '

'Fried? What kind of oil are you frying them in now?'

'It's pork lard. That's why it's a little battery-heavy, right? If you use rapeseed oil, you can make a slightly crispy fried chicken!

'All I need is a lemon.

'I don't see any lemon. Maybe they don't exist in this world. We have tangerines, though.

'Well, it's good for money anyway.

'Oh, Prime Minister, you have money, don't you? Abbott's new fort will cost more than ours, so we'll have to pay for it ourselves. Well, we're sending people from our territory to build a new fort in the north, and we're taking a lot of money in brokerage fees.

'I think they're wary of Pat because he's making too much money.

'I've spent a lot of the money I've made.

'The mansion in King's Landing and the mansion in the estate?

'I'm even paying for the renovation of the west fort, aren't you crazy? Isn't that strange?

'Next time I go back to King's Landing, I'll complain to your father!
When Saounaris raised his voice a little,

Pooh squealed.

'Hmm? What's wrong, Pooh?

'Gah gah gah.

'What's bothering you over there?


'Sure, let's go check it out. Bae, Sona's coming too.

And they headed in the direction that Pooh said he was interested in. And they headed in the direction that Pooh said he was interested in.