221-black ninja

Where the two animals and the two men were headed, there was a place that looked like a natural fort surrounded by rocks.

From a distance, it was just a rocky hill, but from above, it was completely hollowed out in the middle.
And inside it was black.

Patrick strained his eyes to see, but he was too far away to see clearly.

'Pooh, try to get a little closer.


The black object seems to be rippling.
It's moving slightly.

It's oil.
Patrick expects it to be oil, but when he gets closer, he realizes it's not.

Sonaris shouts, manipulating Phae's reins and pulling away.

It was a creature of about ten centimeters in size, wriggling countless times.
Yes, G, the black ninja that haunts kitchens and the like!

It's also called a dubia or a roach.
I'd say it was more like a dubia. It has no wings.

It's big again, but what are they doing with the food? There's no food in this rocky mountain.'
Patrick wondered, but on closer inspection, the dubia's pile-like mass looked more like four limbs, a neck and a tail from above.

'I'm curious, but I'm not sure I can fit in that many.

Gah gah gah.

'What⁉︎ You want to eat it?


'I'll give you chickens at the fort.


'You don't want a chicken, you want that.


'Hmm, I wonder if I'll get hungry? It's okay. Can you eat it all?

Gah, gah, gah, gah, gah.

'Oh, you can eat it if you're with Pei. Sona doesn't like bugs. Maybe I should put her down first.

With that, he starts chasing after Pae.
Patrick catches up with Peh and calls out to Sonali, who is riding on Peh's back.

'Sona! It looks like Pooh and Pei want to eat that thing, so Sona, meet up with Mirko and the others on the ground for now.

'You guys are going to eat that?
Sonalice said with wide eyes,



'They're going to eat it.

'I can't believe it!

'He wants to eat that instead of the chicken.

'I thought you were only feeding chickens.'

'No, I feed goblins, orcs and pigs too.

'All meat. That makes me want to eat something else.

And with that, the two of them turned back to join Mirko and the rest of the ground troops.

Leaving Sonaris in the care of Mirko and the others, Patrick heads back to the rocky mountain with Pu and Pei.

Peh drools when he sees the wriggling Dubia.

'Do you really want to eat that much ......?
Patrick wonders.
Patrick gets off of Phoo's back in a position where he can see the hollow in the rocky mountain,

'There you go.
The two animals immediately fly down toward the wriggling Dubia.

Crunch, crunch, crunch!
The sound of the two animals sucking, chewing, and masticating echoed.

'That's not a sound I want to hear. I mean, they're pretty far away, but you can hear them...'

Patrick made a disgusted face.