When Pu and Pei had roughly finished eating, they saw the skeleton of a demon.

Patrick, who was looking at it from a slightly higher place, knew exactly what it was.

'A pterosaur. ......'

A pterosaur.
A pterosaur is a different kind of flying dragon than a wyvern.
While the wyvern's arms are its wings, the pterosaur has wings on its back in addition to its limbs.

The overall form of the pterosaur is similar to that of the wyvern, but it has arms and the skin of the pterosaur is feathery while the skin of the wyvern has reptilian scales.
Pterosaurs are larger than wyverns and have one or two horns on the top of their heads pointing forward, and are less common than wyverns.

'Why is a pterosaur dying in this place? I've never heard of them living in such a place. I've heard that pterosaurs appear all over the continent, but if they had been seen, there would have been an uproar.

Patrick thinks to himself.

At this point, Patrick should have called out to Pu and Pei.
But because he was thinking in his head, he took his eyes off Pu and Pei.
The next time Patrick saw Pu and Pei..,

'What? Where's the pterosaur bone?'

There was no Debure there, not even a pterosaur bone.

'Maybe they ate it?
Patrick muttered,



The two pterodactyls nodded in satisfaction.

'I wonder if they'll eat to the bone.

Just as Patrick muttered this, Pu and Pei began to glow.

'Too bright!

Patrick turned his face away, blocking the light with his hand.
For a few seconds, maybe tens of seconds. When the light subsides, there are two pterodactyls in the room.
One was wrapped in jet-black feathers and had sharp, thin, sword-like horns extending forward from the top of its head.
The other pterosaur was wrapped in ice blue feathers and also had a horn growing out of the top of its head, but it had a single spiral horn pointing forward like a drill.

Patrick's eyes widened.



'Oh, it's Poo and Pae.'
Patrick understands now that they've been able to communicate.

Seeing them nodding, Patrick ponders further.

(Individual evolution? How is that possible? Can arms grow and scales turn into feathers in an instant? What are the conditions for an Orc to evolve into an Orc King? Originally, it was generally believed that they were born to be a king. But now it's clear that Pu and Pei changed because they ate the bones of a pterosaur. Could it be that eating a higher level demon is a condition for evolution?
Should we try feeding the orcs the flesh of ogres and trolls next time? No, let's test it with goblins.

Pooh's jet-black right arm shook Patrick's shoulder as he pondered.
'Hmm? What's wrong, Pooh?


On Pooh's left arm is a leather strap with a saddle on it that fell off when he evolved.

'Oh, I'll get Sona to make it for me again.
Patrick says softly, patting Pooh's head.

'I mean, how are we going to get home without a saddle?

Patrick was now even more troubled.