223-A smile

'Hey! The lord is back, keep the landing area open.'

Seeing the two flying objects in the distance, Mirko alerted the other soldiers.

'Mirko-dono, isn't there something wrong?
' says one of the soldiers.

'What is it?

'It looks too big to be a wyvern. And it's got horns on its head. His Excellency would be riding on its back, but there's no one on its back.'

Mirko scrutinized the flying object.

It's a pterosaur! It's not a wyvern! All of you, get your bows ready! d*mn it! I wish I had a ballista!

The pterosaur is getting closer and closer, and the soldiers are readying their bows.




'What's he saying?

'It's me...'

'The pavilion-sama⁇'

Everyone lowered their bows and stared intently at the pterosaur.

The leather straps that attach the saddle to the jet-black pterosaur's arms are clutched tightly.
You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.
And he looks like he's having fun.

'Why is he with the pterodactyl? And why is he smiling? I knew that man's nerves would be different from ours! But how different can it be? How can he be smiling like that in the sky? If he fell, he would surely die.

The soldiers around him nodded deeply.

Thorinaris came out of the carriage in a commotion,

'That's not fair, Pat! I want to go on the trapeze too!

'Oh, there's another person here who's not thinking straight: ......'
Mirko mutters.

The two pterodactyls swoop down as the soldiers look on, Patrick with a big smile on his face.

'Well, that was fun!
said Thorinaris,

'That's not fair!
says Thorinaris, his cheeks puffed out.

'Hmm? Do you want a ride, Sona?


'Okay, so Pei can hold it this time?


'Oh, my lord! It's dangerous! Madam, please be careful!
Mirko panicked and stopped him.


'What if the string breaks?

'If I can't break it, Sona can't either. Sona's too light.'

'That's not the point!

'Then what's the problem?
Then, from the side,

'I want to ride too!
Sonali said,

'No, ma'am, you'll be suspended in the sky. It's not like on your back.

'It's like the spinning trapeze at the amusement park, isn't it?
Thorinaris says, looking at Patrick.

'Yeah! It's just like that. It's just faster and the rotation is not constant.

'Then we'll be fine!
Thorinaris says confidently.

'No, I don't know what Yuenchi is, but it's no good. ......'

Mirko said, half in resignation.