224-Sona is in the sky.

In the end, Mirko fails to persuade Sonali.

He sits in the saddle connected to the leather strap held in Peh's hand,

'Peh! Retsura go!

He shouts loudly.
With a big smile on his face!

As Peh flaps his wings, the grass and trees around him sway in the wind, the hair of the soldiers sways, and the uniforms that look like Patrick's coat flutter in the wind.

Mirko looked at Phe as he soared into the sky,

So, how is it that Pooh-sama and Pei-sama changed from wyverns to pterodactyls? I mean, do they really change?
Patrick asks.

'No, I don't know either, but I can guess. Sona told you that there were a lot of bugs on that mountain, right?

'Yes, Master Po and Master Pei wanted to eat them.

'Yes, and...' When Pu and Pei had devoured the worms, or rather, the dubia, there was the corpse of a pterosaur. It seems that Dubia had been eating the corpse.

Hey! There's a pterosaur in this place.

'Yeah, I've never heard of it, but there it is. And while I was thinking about it, Pu and Pei ate the bones of the corpse, and all of a sudden it started glowing, and the next thing I knew, there it was.

'If you eat a higher level demon, does it change into a higher level one?

'That's a guess. I don't know the details.

'If we report this to the government, it'll be a big deal, right?

'There's no way we can avoid reporting it. We're taking Pu and Pei with us when we return to King's Landing.

'That's true, but thinking about the time we enter King's Landing is giving me a headache right now.

'Well, I'll just send a letter to His Majesty.

'Back to the topic at hand, that means that if orcs eat the corpses of high-ranking demons together, there is a possibility that orc kings will arise in large numbers. ......'

'I can't say that there aren't any, or rather, we should work with the idea that there might be.

'We need to put more effort into eliminating demons!


'For now, we will further strengthen the territory.

'Yeah, work with Elvis on this.


'In the meantime, once Sona is satisfied, return to the fort and prepare to leave. When we get back to the villa, we'll head for the capital and I'll inform His Majesty first on the fast horse.

'Yes, sir!

After that, Sona enjoyed the trapeze and it took about an hour for her to come back to the ground.

She returned to the fort with Pu and Pei and fussed again. The soldiers at the fort were used to seeing wyverns during Patrick's inspection, but none of them had ever seen a pterosaur before, and they had all heard about the horror of them, so when two pterosaurs, one jet-black and one blue, descended from the sky above the fort, they screamed in agony.

In the end, the confusion continued until Mirko and the others reached the fort from the ground and explained the situation, while Patrick continued to swing in the sky.