'Kusnatz, have you made up your mind?'
Cusnatz is standing in front of Patrick.

'Yes, sir, I've decided.'

'Hmm, so what's your answer?'

'Cousnuts, knowing that you have been in the slums, I appreciate your invitation and will work for you. I look forward to working for you.

Cusnut bowed deeply, and Patrick said,

'You will be treated differently depending on your work, remember that. I'll be gone tomorrow. Be ready.'
With that, he walked away.


And with that, he left Patrick behind,

'His Excellency, the pterodactyl-carrying Lord of the Dead Frontier, ...... I'm fired up!
Kuznats clenches his right fist and puts his energy into it.

Secretly longing for a pterosaur, Kuznats made a quick decision when he saw Pu and Pei as pterosaurs. Will his choice turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing?

The next day, the group departed from the west fort.
Of course, Kusnatz accompanied them.
After arriving at the Snakes' main residence without any problems, Cousnuts was left in the care of Elvis. He was trained as a territorial soldier, but the training was incomparable to that of the Western Army, and Kusnatz immediately regretted it, as he later told his colleagues.

The next day, a fast horse rode to the royal capital, and Patrick and his group departed for the capital.

On the way, they stopped to wait for the soldiers, and Patrick and Thornaris came to the cemetery on the outskirts of the old Rigsby territory. This is where the tombs of the Rigsby family are located.

At the end of the place there is a small grave.
The headstone reads.

Rayna Rigsby.

That's Patrick's mother's name.

'Mom, long time no see. I've been through a lot, but I'm fine. And I've got a wife. I'd like you to meet her.

'Nice to meet you, I'm Thornalith Snakes, Mother-in-law. I know I'm not much, but I look forward to working with you.'

They kneeled in front of the grave and made their report.
No one knew that their eyes were slightly glowing white as they prayed with their eyes closed.

After that, we proceeded along the road toward the royal capital. Wylie and Van Pelt joined us on the way, and needless to say, I was stunned for a while with my mouth open when I saw that Pu and Pei were wyverns when they came, but became pterodactyls when they left.

'My lord, there's a house I'd like to stop by.
Mirko spoke to Patrick.

'Where is it?

'Amelia's parents, the Conners.

'Hmm, that's the estate just along the road.

'Yes, it's halfway between King's Landing and the Snakes' territory.

'Hmm, are you going to greet them?

'Yes, Amelia and I are thinking of going there together.

'Hmm, okay! I'll go too!

Mirko and Amelia's voices came together .

''If Pat's going, I'm going too!
Thorinaris joins the conversation.


''Okay, I've got plenty of liquor in my luggage, and enough souvenirs! All right, let's get the forerunner out!

'Huh, I wanted to go alone at first, but ......'

'Before the two of us go and things get complicated, I'll intercede and settle this amicably.

'I can't help but feel that it's going to get even more complicated. ......'

'Don't you guys think of me as a moving dispute?

Mirko's eyes widen as she stares at Patrick.

'A moving target, right?'
Sonaris interrupts.

'Isn't it awful?'
Patrick says, turning to look at Thorinaris,

'Has there ever been a place you've been that didn't have an incident?
Thorinaris replies,


'Such as?

'Well, let's see... ...... Yeah, no. ......'

'You see, .......'

'Well, our knight is going to ask for permission to marry. Isn't it normal for the Lord to greet him?'

'That's true, but ......'

'Amelia, what are your parents like?
Amelia was asked.

'Um, normal?

'Normal is the most confusing analogy, okay? Because if you ask me, I'm normal.''

The voices of the three of them came together.


''Do you think you're normal, my lord?''

Mirko asked,

'Isn't there anyone as normal as me? Your height, weight, face, and everything else is normal!

'Isn't height and weight the only thing that's normal?
Mirko said,

'Her face looks twisted, her hair is black, her eyes are black. You're a social misfit, aren't you?
And Sonalice followed up with.

'Sona, isn't it terrible?

'Because I can't think of any other words to describe him.

'How could you marry a man like that?

'Because he never seems to be bored.

'Well, I've had my fair share of ups and downs, and probably always will. He's got a lot of grudges.

'I hope you live long enough to entertain us.

'I'll try.

'Then let's go!

'Oh, so you're going after all...'
'And Mirko .

'I guess we don't need to talk about our parents' personalities. ......'

'I've already decided to go! I'll listen for your information, though.'
Patrick said, nodding quietly at Sonali.