226-Amelia's parents' home

Viscount Connor's estate is located along the road leading west from King's Landing, where the main industry is the inn town.

It is frequented by military transport units and merchants, so it is not deserted, but it is not glamorous either.
However, the economy has been booming for the past few years.

The reason is the territory of the Snakes Frontier Counts, which is further west.
The number of merchants heading there has increased rapidly, the number of guests staying at the inn in Viscount Connor's territory has increased, and the sales of innkeepers and souvenir stores have doubled.

Viscount Connor's house is old, but it has been carefully repaired so that it is not shabby.

Hayama arrives at the house.
The man at the gate asks the soldier who has dismounted from the horse.

'What kind of business do you have with the Viscount Connor family?

The soldier replies,
'My name is Rismo, a soldier of the House of Snakes. I've received a letter from my lord. If Viscount Connor is at home, I would like to speak to him. If he is not at home, I would like to leave this letter with him.

If he is not, I would like to leave this letter with him.
The gatekeeper confirmed this,

'Please wait here for a moment while I check.

Without saying whether he is there or not, he heads for the house.
When the gatekeeper came back a few minutes later,

He said, 'He is coming to see you. Come with me so I can show you around. Hey! Get this man's horse!'

The gatekeeper said to Rismo, then called out to the servants of the house.

'Come in, then.
He led Rismo into the house.

When Rismo entered the mansion, he was led to the reception room and told to sit down and wait, but he stood and waited.
Then the head of the family enters the room.

'Sorry to keep you waiting. I am Dig von Connor, the head of the family. Are you the messenger from the Snakes Frontier?

I say to him.

'Yes! It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Rismo from the House of the Snakes. I've received several letters from my master. Let's start with this one first.
He bows his head and holds out the letter.
'Hmm, from my daughter. Let's see.

Viscount Connor then picks up the paper knife on his desk, opens the envelope, and looks through the letter.
Rismo sees him put the letter on the desk after reading it,

'Here, take this next one.

'Hmm. The other guy.
Viscount Connor frowns a little and pretends to read the letter as if he has no choice.

'The next one is from my master.

As he takes the letter and begins to read it, Viscount Connor's eyes grow stern.

He grabs a paper knife from the desk and throws it at Rismo.

Rismo avoids the knife thrown at his face as if it were nothing.

The knife sticks in the wall.

'Have fun.
Rismo says,

'Oh. You're not even angry?

'I didn't see any killing, sir.

'I thought I'd see what the Snakes have in store for us. I beg your pardon. Please have a seat.

'No, I'll be right back.

'Hmm, I see. I understand about Amelia's and the frontier count's knights. What time do you think they'll arrive?

'They should have left after I left, so they should arrive in two days.

When Viscount Connor heard this, he picked up his pen and wrote a letter,

'Then I would like you to give this to the Earl of Snakes Frontier.

'Yes, sir. Now if you'll excuse me.
With that, Rismo bows his head and leaves the room.

Viscount Connor's wife enters the room as if she were taking his place.

'What kind of errand did you send?

She asks, handing him a letter,

'Well, Amelia, it seems you have found yourself a very interesting man for a master.
Viscount Connor said with a laugh.

Two days later, a red carriage arrives in front of Viscount Connor's house. It was followed by a large black carriage and other carriages.

'So this is it.

The old mansion in Patrick's line of sight.

'Yes, this is my parents' house, the Connor residence.
Amelia says.

'It's quite old.

'It was built by the first generation, and we're still using it. It's been rebuilt and repaired, though.'

'I'm getting nervous.
Mirko said,

'Pull yourself together!
Amelia pats him on the shoulder.

Mirko said, getting into the spirit.

The gate is already open.
A man who looks like a butler comes out of the door.

'Sir, please be careful.

Rismo, who was acting as a messenger, says quietly.

'Yeah, you've got quite the watchful eye.

Patrick smirks.