227-laughing Viscount Connor

'Van Pelt, if you make any strange movements, cut me off without mercy!

Patrick says so the man can hear.


Van Pelt replies with his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Patrick walks into the house with Van Pelt in the lead. Rismo follows behind.

Wylie is guarding Thorinaris.
Amelia and Mirko enter the house after Thorinaris.
The butler's gait changes slightly, as if he is trying to create an opening, but Van Pelt is not so foolish as to be fooled by it.

At a certain door, the man stops,

'My husband is waiting for you here. Please come in.
Please come in.' He opens the door.

A knife flies from inside the open door, but Van Pelt brushes it away with one hand, draws his sword, and enters.
Patrick and the others enter the room after him.

'It's been a long time, Count Snakes.
The man in the room says with a thick smile,

'That's quite a greeting, Viscount Connor, thank you for coming to my wife's wedding party the other day. And that letter, is it serious?

Patrick asks back.

'What, it was you who instigated it, wasn't it, Lord Snakes?
' comes the reply.

'Pat? What did you write in your letter?
Thorinaris asks Patrick.

'Hmm? Oh, I just asked you to approve Mirko and Amelia's marriage,' Patrick says.
Patrick says,

'Oh! Is that what you call blackmail these days?
Viscount Connor makes a deliberately surprised expression.

'Blackmail is .......'
Thorinaris mutters,

'Hmm? I just wrote that if you don't admit it, I'll hurt you.
Patrick replied as if it were obvious.

'Oh, no.'
Thorinaris put his hand on his forehead and lamented.

'Well, if you ask me, Viscount Connor wrote back to me that he was going to strike back at me, boy.
Thorinaris replied,

'Amelia? What's normal about you?
He looks at Amelia and says.

'What? Isn't that what the head of a noble family is supposed to be like?
To Amelia's surprise,

'Didn't you follow me around and see all the different heads of noble families? What were you looking at ......?
She replied,
The only angry nobleman I've seen is my father, and the only royal family I've seen is during the rebellion.
Amelia said a little apologetically.

'Well, I'm sorry to bother you at a time like this, but Snakes Frontier Count is a knight, Mirko. His Excellency Viscount Connor, I would like you to approve my engagement to your daughter. ......'
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand,

'This really is the time, isn't it ......?
Viscount Connor said in disgust.

'I just thought I'd tell you something.
He said apologetically.

'Amelia, are the Snakes all such freaks?
Viscount Connor asks his daughter,

'Well, am I included in that? Your father?

'Of course.

'Then no.'
'Then no,' denied Amelia firmly.

'Hmm, you've always had no sense of common sense. That's fine. So, do we talk inside or outside? Or should we do it outside?
Viscount Connor looks Patrick in the face and says.

'We don't want to destroy the house, so let's go outside.

'Then go out the front. We'll go out the back door. Don't worry, I won't touch the lady.
Viscount Connor.

'I'm not going to let you!
Patrick's expression soured slightly.

'Well then!
With that, Patrick and the others leave the room.

'You're looking pretty good, aren't you? You looked like a cat at the wedding party. I wouldn't call you the Grim Reaper if you weren't. Hey, get ready too!

Viscount Connor chuckled to the butler waiting outside the room, and hurriedly left the room.