228-astonished Viscount Connor

'Wylie and Van Pelt will be guarding Amelia and Sona. They say they won't hurt them, but I don't know if they're telling the truth. Rismo, you and Mirko take it easy on them.'
Patrick instructs.

'Where's the master?
Wylie asks,

'I'll work alone. It's been a while since we've had any real practice.
Patrick grinned.

When I arrived at the main entrance, Rismo and Mirko were there,
They opened the door and ran out.

Viscount Connor's soldiers were already waiting for them at the front door.

Viscount Connor's soldiers were well-trained, but they only attacked fair and square, one on one.

'How sweet of you.
Rismo said,

'That's true. But it's easier for us, too.
Mirko replies.

Mirko and Rismo are not killing their opponents.

They fend off their opponents' swords with their swords, and hunt their opponents' consciousness with their fists and legs.
They are simply doing what they did in the North when the tribal women came at them with weapons during the war with the hill people.

But it would have been humiliating for Viscount Connor's men. Both of them had already defeated many of them, and they were not even breathing.

And Viscount Connor staring at them.

'Hmm, as they say, the soldiers are quite skilled, but the Frontier Count Snakes has not shown up. There were rumors that he was not good at face-to-face combat, but he didn't seem like a coward who would leave everything to his men. ......'
He muttered, but then,

'Yeah, my skills aren't that different from those two, but I'm better at this.
Patrick's voice sounded calmly behind Viscount Connor.
Startled, Viscount Connor tried to turn around, but..,

'Don't move! If you move even a little, I'll cut your head off!

Patrick put a kukri knife to his neck.

'What the hell, when did you ......

'You were so skittish, I could have slashed you from behind.'

'How did you ...... not go out the front door ...... cowardly ......'.

'No, I went out the front door, okay?'

'You're lying! I arrived here and saw those two before they came out! They're the only ones who came out of the front door!

'No, they came out together. Oh well. So what do we do now?

'They left together? ......'

'Yeah, at the same time as those two. So? What do we do?'

'You guys! Draw your swords! You lose!'

Viscount Connor shouted loudly.

A few minutes later, Patrick and the others and Viscount Connor reunited in the reception room after treating the injured soldiers.

'And now, Mirko will continue with his greetings.
Patrick said,

'What? Me first? After that?

'It'll be complicated if we don't talk about the future after you get permission, right?

'Yes, I understand. Then once again, the Earl of Snakes Frontier is the knight, Mirko. I'm here to ask for permission to marry His Excellency Viscount Connor's daughter.''

He bows his head.

'Hmm. I read your letter the other day, and although you are a commoner, you seem to have a good education, and I have just confirmed your skill, so there seems to be no problem. It's the house he serves that's the problem, though.
Viscount Connor said,

'Oh, you still need more?
Patrick said a little sarcastically.

'No, I'll admit defeat honestly, if it becomes an all-out war, the wyverns from the party will come out, won't they? There's no way we can win.'

'Yeah, except we don't have the wyverns anymore.'

'What? Did the wyvern run away? Or did they defy us and we defeated them?'

'No, well, don't tell anyone yet, but it evolved from a wyvern into a pterosaur.'


'Both of them evolved into pterosaurs, and they're in the black carriage out front as my servants.'

'Uh, ...... evolved?


'No. ...... Pterosaurs and other disaster-grade monsters. ......'

'Good thing it's person to person.'

'Oh, can I have a look at that later?'

'Sure. Just wait till we get this sorted out.

'Yeah, please.'

'So, are you sure you want to approve Mirko and Amelia's marriage for now?'

'Mm. I'll approve it.

'Then, next, regarding the matter of you resisting me, there is no one injured here, and I don't think it's right to say something rash to the family home of my subordinate's wife. But, since nothing will make me feel better, I'll let you off with a finger.
Patrick said.

'''''' fingers? ''''''
All voices except Patrick's and Sonalith's were in sync.

'Your dominant arm is your right, right?'
Patrick asks Viscount Connor.

'Yes. If it's a one-handed sword, you hold it with your right hand?

'Then the second knuckle of your left hand is fine.

'Well, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.

'Would you like me to explain?'
'I'll explain it to you,' Patrick said, and Sonalith, who was standing next to him, said,

'It's the Japanese way, isn't it?
He said.

The words leaked out of everyone's mouths.

Then, Patrick said something that made everyone except Patrick and Sonali cringe.