229-Viscount Connor, Reflective Meeting

Patrick and his party have left Viscount Connor's residence.
They were headed for the capital.

Viscount Connor's residence had now regained its serenity.
The head of the house, sitting on the sofa in the reception room, and his wife, sitting across from him, looked at the little finger on his left hand.
There is nothing there that should be there.

'Is there any pain?
Her Ladyship asks,

'No, the potion has closed the wound, and there's no pain, but it feels strange. I never thought I'd have to cut off my little finger myself. I didn't expect that. You've been used as propaganda material to show what happens when you obey the Grim Reaper.
Viscount Connor says to himself.

'You said on the way back from the wedding party that you wouldn't turn against him, so why did you do it again?

'It would be different if Amelia were to marry his knight. I'll have to see it with my own eyes.

'Couldn't she just marry that Mirko knight?

'That knight of the Snakes? I've heard a lot of rumors about him and he's done a lot of good, but I haven't actually seen him. This is no longer a situation that can be overcome by a knight's skill alone. There will be a war with the Empire soon. then a frontiersman would be in command on the front lines. The other knight, Mirko, is his second-in-command who always stands next to him and assists him. They'll go into battle together. Because I don't want Amelia to become a widow in the future.''

'You're a bit out of control when it comes to her, aren't you?

'I'm aware that I love my youngest, but still...'

'Well, let's just be glad it's only a finger. The pterodactyl that the frontiersman saw on his way home, if we had a run-in with it, this area would be a wasteland right now.

'Yeah, I think that would happen even if it's one pterosaur, but it's two. But when I saw the pterodactyl, I wondered if the frontiersman who follows it, Snakes, is really a man?

'It looks like a person to me.

'A man who can easily get behind me?

'Doesn't that mean you're getting old too?

'If you say so, you're old, too.'

'You! You can't talk about your age to a woman!

'No, you're the one who said it. ......'


Patrick's group arrived at King's Landing.
It seemed that there would be an uproar when Pooh and Pei stuck their heads out of the carriage, but as soon as the people saw the carriage with the Snakes' family crest, they fled, so there wasn't much of an uproar.

As soon as he arrived at the mansion, Patrick received a call from the royal castle.

'I'm here at your call, Your Majesty.

'Um, do you know why I'm calling?

'Is it about the evolution of demons?

'That's it! Is it true that the wyvern evolved into a pterosaur? According to the contents of the letter, you also pointed out the possibility of a large number of orc kings.

'I have no proof of that. But considering the evolutionary process of our Pu and Pei, I think it's possible. Is it just that they eat higher level demons, or is it a specific higher level demon? I don't know until I verify it.

'You said in your letter that you'd try to verify it from goblins?

'If it's a goblin king, my soldiers can handle it. If it's the Orc King, we'll have to be prepared for injuries.

'Normally an Orc King would be prepared to die.

'I've trained them well. I don't think they'll die in the 2nd and 8th armies.

'I heard you almost died in training.

'Who's saying that?

'If I tell you his name, you'll go to him, right?

'Of course!

'Of course not!

'Well, okay. Will you allow me to verify?

'Don't do it near King's Landing.

'Yes, sir.

'How is Sona?

'More than fine. She's here with me today. By the way, Your Majesty, have you lost some weight?

'Well, that's good. I haven't been sleeping well lately. Well, no problem. You're just tired. Let me know how it goes.'

'Yes, sir.

Patrick leaves the king's presence and makes his way to the military training grounds.
'Wayne, I just got back. Did you notice anything unusual?

'Hey! Welcome back, Lieutenant General. We've got quite a few new recruits. They're in training now, but I don't see any problems.'

'Well, that's good. I'm a little busy, so I'm going home for the day.

Wayne watches Patrick's back as he leaves,

'I wonder what I need to do to catch up with him.
After saying that, he started walking towards the soldiers.