230-Abbott Mountains

After leaving the training grounds, Patrick goes to the carriage workshop and orders a large carriage.
The color is ice blue.

The Snakes had two large black carriages, but now that they have evolved from wyverns to pterosaurs, each carriage is only big enough for one animal.

That's why Pichan didn't return to the royal capital this time.
She must be keeping her eggs warm in the house in the Snakes' territory.
And Patrick is heading north. His goal is the mountainous region of Abbot's Frontier.

This is the region where Patrick's infamy resounds.

'Welcome, Frontier Count Snakes! Thank you for your help!
The man who greeted him was Ryan Abbott.

'How's the training going?
Patrick asked,

'We're mainly training with bows and spears, but I can't seem to get them to work together.
Ryan looked troubled.

'What about organization?

'I've been training the mountain people evenly in the existing units, but many of them are rebellious.

'You've scattered the hill tribesmen? That's not good enough. They'll isolate themselves and become unfaithful. We need to group them together into units and let them compete within those units.

'It's hard to have them rebel in a unit.

'That's because they don't like you. Anyway, can you gather the troops who are free? We'll train them. I'm bringing the men for that.

'Mm, I'll leave it to you for now. I have to look after the fort construction as well.

'Also, let me know if any of the tribal settlements are rebellious. I'll slaughter them.'

'If possible, I'd prefer not to kill them.

'That depends on how they react.

'I don't want them to get violent after you leave.

'So we just need to make sure they don't have the energy to go on a rampage.

''Um, is that right, ......?


Patrick stands in front of the assembled troops.
All over the place,

'He's the reason my village is .......'

'How dare you show your face in front of us. He killed our chief in a cowardly way. He made it look like an accident during training. ......'

'Just looking at that face makes my hands shake.

'I don't want to be killed...'

I'm going to get killed!' and so on, but we ignored them and started the training.

In the training camp, the hellish running that the 8th Army and the Snakes' Army had done so many times began. Of course, the Abbott frontier county army was involved.
Patrick took the lead, and Tonning took the tail.
On the way, some of the hillbillies came running behind Patrick at full speed, but when Patrick picked up speed, they couldn't even mess with him and pulled away.

When the running was over, the training began with spears with crushed blades, but the mountain people who had asked Patrick for a hand-to-hand fight were beaten to a pulp by the crushed spears and fell to the ground.

'How can you guys think you can handle me with that level of skill? ......'

The mountain people, unable to even argue with Patrick's dumbfounded words, turned their heads.

However, the northern army was also lying on the ground, so it's not that the mountain people are weak.

Soldiers who had been trained by Patrick for two days.
The result was that the mountain people, who were physically strong, gained some confidence, and the territorial army, which had been looking down on the mountain people, lost its prejudice.

However, it goes without saying that Patrick was feared by both sides, and after Patrick left, Toning was called the devil instructor, but it is not a big problem.