231-a nasty smile

Patrick is riding a dragon with Mirko and the rest of his men through the mountainous region.

They're headed for a village inhabited by a tribe that started complaining after the Royal Army left.
Before you know it, they've built a wooden fort and are holed up in it.

'So they don't know about promises after they've been given food. That's some twisted shit right there.
Patrick says, looking at the fort in the distance.

'Is that what you're saying, my lord?
Mirko interrupts,

'I'm a man of my word, remember? I take responsibility for the words I say.

'Oh, that's right. I'll do what I said. It's just that the promises I make are twisted.'

'You've been poking me a lot lately.

'That's true, if they make me travel through that hellish air.
said Mirko with a distant look in his eyes.

'That was your fault.
Patrick looks at him sideways,

'I wish you would have warned me before you did it.
'I wish you had warned me before you did it,' says Mirko, leaking his true feelings.

Mirko said, 'I wish you would have warned me before you did it.
Patrick says that he is not kind.

'I'll keep that in mind.

'Yeah, so what do we do with them?

'Ryan said don't kill them if you can help it.

'That's the point. It's easy enough to control them, though.

'Do you want to climb over the fort and kill the leader like before?

'That's fine, but I don't want you to do the same thing after I'm gone. I want to break the heart of this whole village.

'Sir! There are 20 goblins and 5 orcs chasing after them in the back!
A voice comes from behind.

'This is a bad time. Destroy them quickly!
As soon as Mirko gives the order..,

'! I've got an idea! We can kill two birds with one stone! You guys! Leave the goblins alive! Just kill the orcs!'
Patrick shouted, letting out an evil laugh.

The soldiers did not use their blades on the goblins, but instead kicked them and slashed only the orcs.

The goblins were wounded, but still alive.
The Orcs, on the other hand, have been wiped out and are now being dismembered.

The goblins are surrounded by soldiers who are watching them to prevent them from escaping.
If a goblin comes at you, kick it back to the center.

'We've dismantled it!
The soldier reports, and Patrick hears it,

'Good! Throw the organs, bones, and other useless things at the goblins!
He gave the order.

With a thud, the guts and bones of the orcs were thrown in front of the goblins.
One of the goblins scurried around, checked to make sure that no humans were attacking, and then put the orc entrails in his mouth.
One goblin began to eat, and the rest followed suit.

The 20 goblins are now devouring the orc entrails with single-minded devotion, paying no attention to the humans.
When they finish eating, two of the twenty goblins glow dimly.
A cry of surprise escapes from the soldiers.
The light gradually becomes stronger, but not so strong that they turn away. Then, as the light fades, a clearly larger goblin appears in its place.

'The probability of evolution is one in ten, or ...... more than I thought. Is it because it's a goblin? Or is it the same for all demons? But Pu and Pei evolved together. I'll have to do some more research to find out.

Patrick muttered to himself.