232-a wickedness

''My lord! Is that the Goblin King?'
Mirko asks, looking at Patrick .

'It's probably the King. It's obviously doubled in size.'

'Two kings occurring at the same time: ......'
Mirko looks at him in disbelief.

'Is this really the time to say that? I'm not sure what to do.
A subordinate soldier said,

'Oh, here's what we're going to do.
Patrick moved to a position where he could see the fort and the two kings in a straight line, unleashed his maximum killing power, and glared at the goblin kings.

The two goblin kings stopped walking.
They seem to be trembling slightly when they see Patrick.

Incidentally, the other goblin is leaking urine.

'That stinks. Well, you can come at me if you want, but can you fight with that trembling body? Look, there's a man in the fort over there who looks weaker than us. Why don't you stick with that?

Patrick said, glaring at him.

'My lord? Did you understand the term goblin king?'
Mirko prods him,

'I don't! Pichan and the others understand my words, so I thought it might be possible.

'That's absurd .......'

'But it seems to have had some effect, huh?


The two goblin kings face each other and grunt, and then grunt something at the other goblin.

'Hey there! Try to open the way to the settlement.'
Patrick instructs his soldiers, and they clear the way. Then the two Goblin Kings and the other goblins start running towards the fort.

'See, it worked.

'What are we going to do? Are we going to get shot with bows and arrows before we reach the fort?'

'You're a king, aren't you? When the goblins start destroying the fort and overrunning it, I'll pretend to help them and ingratiate myself to them.
Patrick said without a trace of guilt.

'As expected of a lord. You're really evil.
said Mirko in disgust,

'Don't praise me like that.
Patrick is a little embarrassed.

'I didn't praise you at all...'
Mirko's eyes narrowed.

Patrick's plan went as he expected.
A few men from the village were killed by the Goblin King, but if they had fought Patrick and the others properly, it would have been more than a few.

Of course, the two Goblin Kings and the small goblins were killed by Patrick and his men.

The villagers thanked Patrick and his men and swore to help the kingdom, but I suppose there are some things in life that are better left unknown.

The soldiers were strictly restrained by Patrick.

Well, no one under Patrick's command would be foolish enough to break his silence.