Patrick and the others returned to the Snakes' territory.

'Welcome back, my lord...'

A voice could be heard from above the watchtower of the mansion.

Patrick looked up and saw Kusnatz in the armor of the Snakes' frontier family.

'Oh! That's quite a look for you, Kusnatz. Keep your eyes open!'
Patrick shouted,

'Of course, sir!
Kuznats replied with a salute.

'If you slack off, I'll fix you again!
Patrick said with a wicked grin, and immediately,

'Oh, please don't do that!
Patrick responds to Cnut's tragic cry with a raised hand and enters the house.

He entered the mansion and told the butler, Santino, that he was hiring two dark elves,

'You may hire them, but what is your intention?
He asked me,

'We have elves and beastmen, but no dark elves, right?

'Yes, sir. We are an ethnic minority to begin with.

'That's a good way to show that we're not racist. It's good publicity for the meritocratic Snakes.'

'Well, sure.

'Also, if we leave them alone in that forest, they'll definitely get in the way of their military duties. There's water there, too, so it's a good place to hide.'

'I see. So, are you sure you want to work as a maid and a cleaner?

'Anything is fine, but just ask me what I can do and then assign me a job. I'll leave that to you.'

'Yes, sir.'
Santino bows his head.

Then, as he was heading for his office, soft, slippery scales suddenly wrapped around his body.

'Oh, Pichan, I'm back! Wait a minute! Where are you taking me⁉︎'.
Patrick is wrapped around me and I'm taken away.

Patrick's voice echoed in the hallway, and the servants' faces broke into grimaces.

You're taken to a place where there are a lot of eggs.

'Oh, maybe it's time?
When I asked Pichan, she shook her head violently.

'Hey! Is anyone there?'
Patrick shouted,

'Yes! Master. What is it?
The caretaker of Patrick's beast of burden comes running up.

It's the man who showed Pichan to Cousnut before.
His name is Gallus, and he's a burly, skinheaded, evil-looking man.

'It's about to be born from an egg, so bring me a lot of meat! Cut it into the right size!

'Yes, sir!
Gallus runs off in a hurry.

Afterwards, Patrick looks at the eggs and thanks Gullus for bringing a large amount of sliced meat.

When a slit appears in one egg, more slits start appearing one after another. The little crocodiles, or water dragons, that come out of their shells are so cute.

But, well, they are born, and they are born in great numbers.
Black-eyed water dragons with gray scales start walking around.

There's only one water dragon among them that I can recognize.
I'm not sure if it's an albino or not.

It's an albino. You're Po-chan!

Patrick lifts up a 40-centimeter crocodile, or water dragon, and feeds it meat while patting its head.

Of course, he also feeds the other water dragons, but is it my imagination that he only feeds the one he named Po more?

After that, the water dragons will be called Po's brothers for a while until Patrick learns to recognize them.