235-the affairs of the frontier count

Now, let's take a look back at the current Snakes territory.
Brewing alcohol is a very important job in the Snakes' territory.

The brewing of alcohol is now under the direct control of the Snakes, and is run under strict supervision.
However, the lack of craftsmen has been a source of concern, but now that we have enhanced the salary, we are finally getting a large number of young apprentices.

In order to increase production, they started to secure a large amount of wheat some time ago.
We bought not only wheat, but also other grains, potatoes, fruits, and anything else that could be made into alcohol.

The merchants usually exported the surplus food to foreign countries, but most of it was bought up in the Snakes' territory.

Merchants would rather sell their products in their own country, even at a slight discount, than risk being attacked by bandits or demons, considering the cost and effort involved.

As for the liquors of the Snakes' territory, new fruit liquors have been made, and the variety of soju has increased to include barley soju and buckwheat soju.
We have also made fruit vinegar, which is used for cooking or diluted with water as a drink for children.
Soba noodles are of course eaten as noodles, but since we do not have bonito broth, we decided to use chicken soup made from green chicken. Naturally, there is also udon.

In the territory of the Snakes' aristocracy, well, Wylie and Van Pelt, fried chicken made from green chicken, a specialty of the territory, and goat cheese go well with liquor, and the demand for them is rising.
The demand for woolen winter clothes for military use is also booming.

Fruit wine has attracted new customers in the form of women, generating further profits.

The new liquor was spread from the main store and branches of Barth Nakes, and in addition to the bar style, the company also started a stylish restaurant style store so that women could easily enter.
This was very popular with the wealthy.

He also started a teppanyaki restaurant. It took some time to make the sauce, but he popularized okonomiyaki and yaki udon, and the number of commoners who drank sake while eating them increased.
These sauces spread in the western territories, and a sauce culture developed.

Since he declared that he would only sell to the surrounding noble lords, the merchants made efforts to get the sauces from the surrounding noble lords, and the noble lords made efforts to get to Patrick for the sauces.

The flag of the western nobility is steadily turning into the color of the Snakes.

Patrick also makes a high-grade mayonnaise using green chicken eggs, which is very popular and can only be eaten at Patrick's directly managed stores, helping to differentiate it from similar stores.

There are also high-class restaurants where women serve drinks, and cabaret clubs for the general public. On the other hand, there are also stores where men entertain women, and Patrick is very careful in developing wholesale customers for alcohol.
All of the stores are under Patrick's direct management, and the employees are under the control of Ayn and Mulder, who are constantly gathering information.

Money and information come to Patrick.