Patrick returns to King's Landing, leaving Pee-chan, Po, and their brothers at home.

He goes to observe the training of the new recruits of the 8th and 2nd armies.

Among the many recruits, Patrick sees a familiar face.

'Huh? Isn't that you, Kevin?'
Patrick calls out to him,

'Yes, sir! Lieutenant General Snakes! I'm Sergeant Kevin Dixon! I've been assigned to the Eighth Army! Nice to meet you!

Kevin Dixon said with a cheerful salute.

'Yes, sir! Good luck with your duties! By the way, whose unit did you get?

'Sergeant Arlen Kanaan's unit, sir!

The Canaan family's third son, Arlen, enlisted last year and is in the 8th Army.

'Well, that's going to be tough.

Patrick said,

'It's a bit, but it's fine.

Kevin replies.

Why is it hard?
Because Kevin Dixon is now engaged to Aisha, Arlen's sister.

Rumor has it that Aisha pushed him over the edge and made it a fait accompli, resulting in the engagement.
This was unusual for a child of a noble family.
Perhaps it's because of the looseness of the Canaanites and the seriousness of the Dixons.
A typical example of a carnivorous girl and a herbivorous boy.

Incidentally, Aisha has lost weight remarkably.
It was not like a Canaanite woman, but she must have made a serious effort to lose Kevin.

She was in a delicate position, being the younger brother of the woman who was to become his wife.

'Okay! Then I'll personally train the new recruits today!
Patrick said abruptly,

'Hey! Are you trying to kill the recruits?
Wayne interrupts from the side.

'Why the hell not!
Patrick complains to Wayne,

'I don't think the new recruits are physically up to it yet.

'You've done your basic training, right?

'Basic training is just the normal range! It's not tailored to your training!

'Then it's a good opportunity for you to know your limits.

'You'll collapse before you know it!

'I'll be fine. Besides, it'll give me a chance to see firsthand how great the older guys are! All right! Let's go for a run in the 8th Army's famous full gear!

Patrick didn't listen to me.

After that, the training camp was filled with the sorrowful voices of the 8th Army recruits and the veterans who were helping the collapsed recruits.

Seeing the 8th Army recruits collapsing after their run,
'I'm glad I'm not assigned to the 8th Army. ......'

I'm glad I'm not assigned to the 8th Army,' said a recruit from the 2nd Army.

Patrick, who was walking without any sign of them, heard this and said,
'Then I'll let you guys experience it tomorrow.
He said with a laugh.

The recruits of the second army jumped up and down in surprise at Patrick's sudden appearance.
The next day, Patrick laughed as he carried out the full-gear running of the second army.

I've heard that Patrick the Grim Reaper has been called from within the military,......, and I've realized it. I thought it was from the commoners who saw Pichan. ......'

In Kevin's words,

I'm sure you've heard of it. I wonder if the rigors of the military have changed him. I thought he was going to die at first. I thought I was going to die at first, too.

While saying this, Kevin and Arlen, whipping their sore muscles from the previous day's run, carried the collapsed recruit of the second army on their shoulders to the rest area.