238-Pooh and Peh armour

In the office of Snakes Mansion in King's Landing, next to the main desk, there is another small desk.

A woman sits there.

'Do you think this is a good design? Then choose the material. ......'

The seated Thornalis is mumbling.

Just then, the door to the office opens, and the head of the room walks in,

'What's that?

Patrick looks at an object on the desk and asks Sona.

'It's Pooh and Peh's armor. It's to distinguish them from the wild!

Sona shows him a piece of paper on which she has drawn a design.

'Oh, that's what Pooh and Peh were talking about in the fort when they were wyverns, what does it look like?

Patrick looks at the design drawing.

'It's like this here, leather here, red fabric here. ......

Pointing to the drawing, Sonali explains.

'Doesn't this interfere with Pooh and Peh's vision?

'Yeah? Then change it like this?

Thorinaris draws a new face in the blank space next to the drawing.
When Patrick saw it, he said,

'Oh! That's a good idea!

He calls out to her.

After that, Patrick and Sonalith exchanged ideas and talked until dinner.

A month later, at the Snakes' mansion in the Snakes' territory, Patrick and Thorinaris talk to Pooh and Peh and have them put on the armor made by Thorinaris.

'And this is what we've got? ......'

When Mirko saw Pu and Pei being fitted with the armor, she said with some dismay.

'Isn't that cool! It's different from the illustrations in the book I read a long time ago, but it looks like a dragon knight!

The one who said that was Kusunatsu, who had heard the rumor and came all the way here to see it even though he was off duty.

His head is covered with a leather mask, from which the reins extend. On his back is a saddle with a basket that can hold a small amount of luggage, and the leather straps that hold the saddle in place are fastened at the base of his arms and legs.
The abdomen is covered with a crimson dyed cloth, fastened to the strap by a button, and bears the large crest of the Snakes.
On the legs, leather and thin metal shin guards.

Patrick was reminded by Kusnatz's words of a movie he had seen in Japan.
The story of the dragon knight riding a dragon.
He remembered that the dragon knight in that story was fighting with a long lance.

I asked him, 'Sona, what kind of weapon do you use when you fight on a pu?

I asked,

'Is that really necessary? I don't think there's any aerial combat?

He replied,

He replied, 'You might have to fight a wild wyvern!

To which I reply,

'I see. But if we want to use weapons that won't interfere with Pooh and Phe, we can't use swords or spears. They have to be long enough to hit the enemy, but they're too heavy to carry at that length.

He said calmly.

'No, I want to carry a lance for the sake of style!

Patrick said selfishly,

'If that's what you want, I can make one for you. ......'

Sonaris reluctantly agrees.


Patrick, looking unusually pleased, raised his hands in joy.