242-It's not good to hide.

'I've received a reply from the Snakes, they're wholesaling the liquor to the union in bulk.'
A subordinate reported,

'That's right, that's right, we can't go against the Food Merchant's Guild, we won't be able to buy potatoes and fruit. We need the ingredients for the sake. I was right, wasn't I? The local nobility can't win against the food merchants' guild, even with the Snakes. Now we can sell it to the other baronies, and our union's power will increase even more!
' he said, slumped over.

'That's right, even if the Snakes want to open their own liquor stores, they'll need permission from our union!
The subordinate man flattered his boss.

The owner of a certain large store is his adopted son-in-law.
It was a good thing that he was favored by his predecessor and welcomed as a son-in-law his only daughter, but the only daughter was not good.

She was a typical young lady who was selfish and threw a tantrum when things did not go her way.
There was no way he could get along with such a woman, and within a few years, the man found another woman. This is what is called an affair.

He has been very careful not to let his wife find out.
Today is the day I'm going to see him.
I set a regular day and told my wife that it was a day to check the books, so she would not find out even if I came home late.

After work, he walks down a back alley with an indifferent face and knocks on the door of a house.
A small, frail-looking woman comes out of the house, smiles and welcomes him, and he enters the house.

'Yes, one for me.
The man who had been following him muttered with a laugh.

There is a restaurant frequented by the only daughter of a large store.
In that restaurant, the staff members sit next to each other on sofas and make and serve cocktails.

I spend a lot of money with the man who is the No. 1 pick in the store. It is a high-class place where it is not uncommon to spend dozens of silver coins for a glass of expensive liquor.

She wants the man to like her so much that she orders expensive sake and then asks him to hold her in his arms, which makes him happy, so she orders more expensive sake.

The store also sells sake on credit, so even if you don't have any cash that day, you can still drink. That's why the girl is in debt. The amount of money she owes is already quite large, but she doesn't stop coming to the store because she wants the man to hug her.

But one day, the man at the store told her she had to pay it this week.
The amount was..,

100 gold coins⁉︎'.

'Oh, I'd like you to pay me soon, wouldn't you?

'No, I don't have that much money!

'Do you think you can get away without it? If you don't have it, you'll have to work in a place like that.


'Then pay. Can't you just tell your parents?

'Even your father can't get 100 cards right away!

'There's no condition to wait, but I'll tell your parents about it. ......'

A man raises his mouth in front of a woman who looks like she's chewing on a bitter bug.

'Yes, this one fell, too.
He muttered.

Other people who had gambled their way into debt, or who had cheated their way up the ladder when they were building up the store, were already on the list.

Now that these things were happening all over the place, who were these people following?

Who owned this host club-like establishment?

I don't have to tell you, but one man's name has already popped into my head.