243-no-confidence motion

While the union president was arrogantly distributing the liquor to the baron, Mulder was working tirelessly.

Already one of the directors of the Food Merchants Association, Mulder had lobbied the officers of the Association and submitted a motion of no confidence in the President.

When the union president found out about it, he said,

'Huh! You're a newcomer to the board of directors! Don't you know the power I have? Don't you know my power? I'm the one who runs the bar! I'm the one who controls the liquor business now! If you run a bar and don't even know that, your bar will eventually go under. After all, I'm not going to be running the liquor!

The day of the vote of confidence or non-confidence arrived with a tense attitude.

Thirteen members of the union's board of directors and the president were allowed to vote. The president also serves as the union president. The president has two votes.

Voting is done by name.

The first vote was cast for Mr. Wilson, the man who is both chairman of the board and president of the union. He is an associate baronet of the royal family.

'Mr. Wilson, two votes of confidence.

The vote taker says, showing everyone the form.
Wilson nods and looks at it.

'And Mr. Mulder, no confidence.

Wilson glares viciously at Mulder, which is to be expected, since he is the one who passed the vote of no confidence.

'And Mr. Guibard, no confidence.

He heard the voice,

'No! Why? Mr. Geward.
Wilson yells at Geward.

'Chancellor! Quiet! We're still in the middle of the vote counting!
Mulder says to Wilson, smirking,

'You bastard! You bought us!

'Well? What do you mean? You know I don't have the money to buy Mr. Guibard, don't you? Someone has been raising the price of alcohol and selling it to me.

'You must have borrowed it from somewhere!

'Well, I wonder...'

'Hmm! Bribing one person won't change the outcome, what a waste! Guybird! Remember me when you're done!
I was ranting,

'And now, Mr. Lawtower, no confidence.


'Mr. Erin, no confidence.'


'No confidence' 'No confidence' 'No confidence' 'No confidence' ......

'Two votes of confidence and 13 votes of no confidence. With these results, the motion passed. Therefore, Mr. Wilson's positions as president and union president are terminated. To be continued: ......'
Wilson interrupted the facilitator,

'You people! How much did you get paid to betray me and follow Mulder here?
He yells.

'I didn't even give you a single copper coin, sir.

'You're lying! If that's the case, why did you follow me and then flip around like this, when all you have is money!

'Chancellor, or maybe I'm just a board member now, okay? Do you know who you've been fighting with?

'I didn't sell it to anyone!

'Well, there are some fools who can't be helped.

'Who's the idiot?

'You, of course. Let me explain it to you in a way that even you, an idiot, can understand.