244-Mulder's description

'Who was in control of the liquor distribution before you took over?'
Mulder asked Wilson,

'Well, the direct sales were done by Count Snakes, but the wholesale sales were originally done by me! Besides, the frontiersman was willing to accept my proposal. That's probably because the frontier count thought it would be better for the food merchants' association to control it. The merchants are responsible for the distribution of food,' Wilson said.
Wilson said,

'You're willing to sell large quantities of food to a nobleman hostile to the Earl of Snakes Frontier for the benefit of his family? That's impossible. Then, did you ever threaten to stop the flow of potatoes and fruits to the Snakes territory if they don't comply?''
Mulder asks, his eyes narrowing slightly.

'That's called negotiating.
Wilson says thickly.

'Well, I'd call it a threat.

'What's in it for you, anyway? If you can control the distribution of liquor, your store will be able to stock plenty of liquor! You don't have to bow to the frontier count!
Wilson shouted.

'Hmm, that's why I hate fools. They don't know who owns my store. What's the name of our store again?'

'You're the owner, and the store's name is Bath Nakes!

'Well, technically, yes! Then try removing the bar from the name of the store.

'The bar? 'Bar, s-nakes.

'Do you understand?

'Bar,nex......x......? No way⁉︎'

'So you finally got it through your rotten head. Oh dear. That's right, our owner is the frontiersman Snakes. I'm just a field manager pretending to be the owner. The booze usually comes straight to my store. From the owner. I don't see what's in it for me to interfere with that.

'You! You're his dog!

'Well, that's true. I owe him my life, so if he asks me to be his dog, I'll gladly do it!

'Hmph! Then I'll tell all the nobles about this! I can't wait to see how many branches will be destroyed when they find out that your store is owned by Count Snakes! After all, he hates me!
Wilson said with a grin,

'Oh? You've got more worms in your rotten head, haven't you? You think you're going to get out of this room alive and walk around outside?
Mulder said, a dazed look on his face.

Wilson asked back.

Just then, the door opened with a bang and several men avalanched in, hitting Wilson in the face with their fists and forcing him into a burlap sack filled with wheat. They break the bones of the limbs that get in the way.

Mulder made sure the mouth of the sack was tied shut,

'Do as the lord says and dispose of it in the Snakes' territory, where the demons won't dig it up.
With that, he approaches the men.

'Yes, sir. And a message for you.
He hands Mulder a piece of paper.

Mulder looks at it,

'Tell him I understand.
He said.

And with that, the men leave, carrying a bloodstained sack.

Mulder watched them go, and then looked at the other directors,

'Well, we'll have to decide on a new president and union president, but it's too much trouble to vote. Anyone who has any objections to my appointment should leave this room. Those who remain will be considered to have confidence. Well, I can't guarantee the lives of those who leave.

And with that, he sat cross-legged in the chairman's chair.

None of the pale faces of the directors left the room.