245-a certain baron

On that day, the owner of a large, long-established store in King's Landing disappeared without a trace. His son took over the store, but the whereabouts of the owner were never known.

Now... What happened to the newcomer barons of the anti-Snakes faction?

'The dwarves disappeared as soon as we gave them their wages!
' reported one of his men,

He was surprised as if he had never heard of it.

'He said he couldn't work for a lord who wouldn't deliver the promised sake in less than a month and left.

'You dare to say such selfish things! You don't even know how hard I've been working to arrange it!

'But we haven't been able to get it, and I promised the dwarves that I'd give them a barrel every night.

Well, while most of the houses are in this situation, one house is,

'What about my house under construction?
The lord asked the steward.

'I'm trying to find a craftsman, but he's hard to find. We'll have to suspend our search until we find one.
The steward replied.

'And why is it that the wine has not come to our land?

'The new head of the food merchants' guild won't accept any of our requests and won't give us even a single barrel!

'Get the other directors to grab the money and lobby the president!

'I've tried calling out to them, but none of them will accept any money at all!

'Why not! If they were merchants, they'd be working for money!

'They won't even accept a single copper coin! It's abnormal!

'What the hell happened in the Food Merchant Association? Was the sudden change of the president due to his disappearance? Or is the disappearance the result of a change?

'One of the directors told me a little about it, but only that he couldn't go against the current president.

'Isn't he the guy who opens bars all over the place? Is he making that much money?'

'I'm sure it's something like that, but I'm not sure.

'We don't have any taverns in our territory, do we?

'It seems that they mainly open stores in the territories of counts and above.

'Only in the territories of the higher nobility? Well, I can understand why they'd want to open a shop in a place with a lot of people.

'Yes, sir.

'More importantly, let's get back to the construction of the mansion! We have to do something about it. Can you get the Merchants Guild to talk to the Food Merchants Guild?

'The Merchant's Guild is the upper body of each merchant association, but they can't tell the associations what to do, only in name. They'll just tell you to go to the Food Merchants Guild for food.'

'Is there anywhere you can send dwarves to ......?
'There are some merchant associations that will send you construction workers. ......'

'What! Don't tell me that! Where are you⁉︎'

'It's the Snakes Staffing Agency .......'

'Isn't that his place!

'Yes, .......'

'Is there anyone else?

'No, sir.'

'Mmmm. What should we do? ...... We can't turn our backs on him. ...... We have no choice. I hate to make him rich, but we have to finish the building. If we stay in this shabby house forever, the other barons will take advantage of us!

'Would you like to make a request?

'Yes, I have no choice.