This is a building under construction.
The exterior of the building is almost finished, and the only thing left to do is to finish the interior.

'It's being built at an incredible speed. His Excellency the Earl of Sneaks' craftsmen are monsters!
said a certain Baron,

'It was done too fast and in too few days, so it ended up being cheaper. But was it worth it? Defying the alliance and joining the Snakes Frontier Counts. You've received letters of insulation from other houses.
The butler asks.

'I don't care! It's more beneficial to have a stronger group that accepts the frontiersman than that bunch of barons! I was a neutral member of the Royalist faction, but I switched to the Dauphin's faction at the right time, and I'm now a supporter of Count Snakes' frontier. Besides, thanks to His Excellency Snakes, who told the dwarves that he would supply us with liquor, the dwarves are coming back, and there are many good things happening!

This man was a hardcore Royalist who had been granted a quasi-baronet by the Royalists and had become a baronet after his success in the last rebellion.
The reason he was a neutral member of the royalist faction was because he was torn between which side to take, and the reason he was an anti-Snakes member was simply because he was jealous of a young man younger than himself who had risen to become a frontier count.

But now he's calling Patrick "sir" and pretending to be a member of the Snakes frontiersmen.

That's quite a flip-flop!

He went all the way to Patrick's mansion in the Snakes territory to ask the Snakes Recruitment Agency to dispatch some dwarves, and bowed down to them and asked for a set of dwarves and alcohol.
The lord himself!
At this point, he's ready to make a move. It's not just a woman's heart and the autumn sky.
What kind of change of heart did he have?

If you leave the Anti-Snakes League, tell me everything you know, and swear not to cross me in the future, I might consider adding you to the end of my faction.

At Patrick's words, he immediately made up his mind and blabbered on, as he had originally intended to get close to him.

Well, this house was fortunate. We were able to decide to change who we were wagging our tails at.

What? The other house? Do I have to tell you?
You wanna know? I don't have a choice.

Meanwhile, in the other houses, no dwarves would stay in a territory where there was no wine, and the food merchants' guild was being controlled by Mulder, so the food supply was gradually being reduced.

Frustrated by the lack of food, all but the farmers are gradually fleeing to other lands. The only ones left are the lords who cannot pay the taxes that are calculated according to the size of their territory, and the debts that are piling up.
They will not be able to compete with Patrick.

Taxes from crops alone will not be enough to pay for the territory. Tax revenue is based on human economic activity.

Incidentally, the majority of the people who fled the lands of the anti-Snake barons moved to the Snakes Frontier. Or rather, it was because there were a number of large carriages running around that would take them to the Snakes' frontier for free.

And then there were the loan sharks who offered to lend money to the failing barons.
The interest rate is one percent per ten days.
A debt with no hope of repayment will only grow and grow.

Everything is going according to someone's plan.

'Is the Baron de Halsey's house finished?
Patrick's words were met by the dwarf in charge of the construction of Baron de Halsey's mansion,

'Yes, sir. The building was completed the other day. And the trick is working perfectly.
He replied.

'My lord? What is the trick?
Santino, the steward of the main residence, asks Patrick.

'Hmm? I had some parts of the house set up in case you betrayed us. If you break one stone with a hammer, the house will physically collapse! Ahahaha!

Santino looked at Patrick, who was laughing with amusement,

'It's just like the lord to be so relentless as ever.
He smiled.